Classic and modern in a Hamptons vacation home

Posted on Thu, 14 Apr 2022 by KiM

Contrasting styles and eras is what I live for. That tension and unexpectedness is so very welcome in a see of trends and lack of imagination I find so prevalent these days. Ryan Lawson created magic with a combination of traditional Sag Harbour architecture and his clients’ appreciation for contemporary art and vintage furniture. That juxtaposition is captivating. Also, his taste in lighting is unmatched. Photography: Chris Mottalini; Stying: Colin King.

Lorraine Frances says:

Cool, like that they displayed the children’s artwork.

Kae Norman says:

Thank you – what an interesting home. I cringe every time I hear the term ‘Hamptons style’ – the most ridiculous phrase as none of the home ever look like anything from the Hamptons. Says me who lives in a cottage renovated with white shiplap, bare floors and shaker style kitchen cupboards (all white of course) x

Decoratrium21 says:

Wow… This Blog is Really Awesome! I will definitely come here more often.

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