A designer’s home in the Cotswolds

Posted on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 by KiM

I was looking up the work of designer Nicholas Haslam and found a couple of articles about one of his latest projects – his new home in the Cotwolds. It’s charming and resourceful and small yet filled with beautiful things in every nook and cranny, furnished with pieces from nearby auction houses and local dealers, and objects that he has frequently transformed from their original purposes. For example, the library chandelier is made up of a cake tin, a plant support and a tin star with pods of an Indian oak-apple tree painted green, all hanging from a red plastic chain bought at a local agricultural store. The central light in his bedroom is an upturned Ikea fruit bowl; cardboard butterflies are silhouetted inside an outsize round paper lampshade in the hall; and painted corrugated cardboard makes a sensational dado in the library. A large ceramic vase, marbleised in viridian green by the potter, stands under a console in the hall; it needed a top and by cutting in half and marble-painting a rubber ball that fits it exactly, Nicky finished it off with appropriate panache. (Photos: Simon Upton via House & Garden and Galerie)

Moyra says:

Can’t stop looking at this home. It’s fantastic and inspiring.

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