An artist’s guesthouse on Long Island

Posted on Fri, 3 Jun 2022 by KiM

Our clients live in a charming but small house, so when the opportunity to buy the place next door arrived, they gladly bought the house and dedicated it to hospitality and art. Built in the 1980s, the interiors were filled with elaborate moldings and wallpaper. We simplified the rooms, channeling the spirit of early American architecture with some later Arts and Crafts details. The ground floor rooms are designed for the display of art and for entertaining, with guest rooms upstairs. The decoration reflects the philosophy of Jayne Design Studio: that great design is often a combination of the old and new– or as we often phase it: ancient and modern. We forged a connection between the back hall and the upstairs rooms by cutting a hole in the exterior wall and disguising it with a wardrobe – an ode to the homeowner’s fascination with mythology and The Chronicles of Narnia.
Love the bold use of colour, the eclectic vibe and the elements of whimsy throughout.

Leslie-Anne says:

What a unique place. Not a cookie cutter idea in sight. I love it.

Moyra says:

This my cup of tea. Easy living and a distinctive style with Lots of colour and clever solutions.

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