A medieval castle with a renaissance flair in France

Posted on Sun, 12 Jun 2022 by KiM

In the Nièvre, on the edge of the Morvan, viewed from above, the castle appears to be an island of white towers set in an abundance of greenery and foliage. It is located within a 2 hour drive of Paris. The estate was first mentioned in the archives in 1173. Its origins probably date back to the 11th century and is located on 14 hectares. The 14th and 15th century castle consists of a quadrangular enclosure flanked by towers topped with pepper pot roofs. The gunports and the thickness of the walls on the south side recall its defensive function. The castle has 7 bedrooms and is 300 m2. The outbuildings consist of boiler room, a woodshed, a sheep barn and various sheds. The landscape has fountains, ponds and moats, wooded areas, wetlands and a swimming pool. For sale via Patrice Besse for 2 400 000 €. This might be my favourite castle I have featured to date. The simplicity of the exterior is what really does it for me.

Barb Ward says:

Red frames on the stairs has some shock value but I would overlook for the Flemish tapestry in the salon.
I love Sundays…..

Kae Norman says:

A beautiful house – but I thought the furnishings were uninspiring. Why oh why do people want to put dead animal heads on a wall? Trophy hunting is awful. I wish I could decorate it myself! LOL! x

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