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Classic and contemporary in London

Posted on Mon, 20 Jun 2022 by midcenturyjo

The classic “English” look of pattern on pattern, overstuffed sofas and a focus on fabric is lightened and brightened by contemporary colours, abstract art and mid mod accent furniture. It’s clean lined yet cosy, family friendly with room to breathe. Parsons Green House by Studio Peake.

Classic and contemporary in Berlin

Posted on Mon, 20 Jun 2022 by midcenturyjo

With its stylish mix of classic and contemporary design, this altbau apartment in Berlin-Charlottenburg by Gisbert Pöppler oozes understated luxury living and comfortable sophistication. Bold colour, striking artworks and modern furniture are the perfect counterpoint to the grand historic interiors.

Photography by Robert Rieger

An 18th century castle near Toulouse

Posted on Sun, 19 Jun 2022 by KiM

This 18th century castle near Toulouse, France (for sale via Patrick Besse) might just be the most spectacular castle I have ever seen. I am so in awe by the magic that this home exudes through these photos and the possibilities of living surrounded by such unspeakable beauty, that I am almost in tears (the kitchen alone is tear-worthy). I feature these magical homes not simply to fill a void on Sundays but because I am so smitten with the idea that something so otherworldly exists out there and can be owned by any one of us. The possibility literally brings tears to my eyes. One can dream and hope….

Working on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 by midcenturyjo

It’s like I say week in week out. If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend it helps that it’s über stylish and there is nothing more über stylish than interior designers and their own office. Büro, Berlin by Antonius Schimmelbusch.

A Sydney home’s homage to Oscar Niemeyer

Posted on Fri, 17 Jun 2022 by KiM

Overall our clients felt that the major elements of the layout of their home (designed in classic modernist style by the architect George Reeves in 1963) worked well, however the connections between the indoor and outdoor spaces were poor and the house was generally beginning to look its age, as such improving those connections and restoring and enhancing the home in line with the original architect’s intent were the main focus of this renovation. Influences from the work of legendary Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer are evident throughout the house, and no more clearly can this be seen than in the voluptuous form of the concrete awning that covers the entry and provides the first impression one receives when approaching via the lushly planted drive.  Once inside, those influences, and the broader design elements that anchor the home in the modernist era, continue in the form of carefully restored original features such as the single stringer and cantilevered switchback stair, and the sinuous curved ceiling bulkheads in the lounge, dining and kitchen spaces. An absolutely gorgeous modern minimalist home with update by Luigi Rosselli.