Moody hues in a penthouse by Jane Hallworth

Posted on Fri, 26 Aug 2022 by KiM

A cinematic color palette of olive green distemper is the interior version of a camera obscura; moody hues urge one to focus attention on a world beyond – city lights and formidable views –before turning your attention to the crafted interior. Designed specifically for entertaining, this space is intimate during the day and dashing at night. In this 4,000 square foot space, a gathering of people and fine art by masters such as Louis Bourgeois, Mark Grotjahn and Jean Dubuffet mix well in purposefully rustic, modern comfort.  A layered collection of textured textiles, industrial, antique and modern pieces contrast the sleek lines of this penthouse, creating an environment that is at once studious and negligently glamorous.
I love this industrial, rustic and edgy look. Designed by Jane Hallworth.

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