La Grande Ourse

Posted on Wed, 19 Oct 2022 by KiM

The off grid cabin (Western Catskills) was built in the 70’. Working with those bones, yet seeking its soul back… we aimed to anchor it further back in times – early 1800’ of the earliest property usage as a mill. The original wood mill showed its stone walls reminiscences in the brook, a stroll away bellow the cabin. The interior shape shift mood with a wall patina intended as a crude faux plaster who had endure times. The wood ceiling were sanded down to knock the varnish shine, they may white wash at a later phase. Antique screen doors set were used for closets & pantry, along with antique furniture. A mix of drop cloth canvas curtains, antique textiles & rugs help to insulate during the long winter, while owner’s pelts, skulls & local history artifacts collection set the cabin on its renewed time lapse …reminiscing the past in present time.
This is everything a cabin should be. Time-worn and patinaed, rustic and vintage. By Maison Bergogne. (Photos: Peter Crosby)

Nic says:

Looks like a horror-movie set. Saw VI?

Carol says:

Moody – textural – intriguing.

This I like!

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