A tiny apartment becomes a jewel box

Posted on Mon, 31 Oct 2022 by KiM

In the end, this 25 mstudette turned out to be generous and clever. It has been reinvented with a space that revolves around a bedroom with a dressing room hidden by its glass roof and opening onto a small bathroom. The entrance hall with its small desk, the living room with its two benches and the kitchen with its work surface worthy of a large one, take place around this room. Once the false ceiling was removed, the flat gained in height and the play of perspectives pushed back the walls. In keeping with the principle of marking the different living spaces with different colours, 4 shades are used side by side to give the sensation of wandering through a lively and multiple space.
It is evident designer Marianne Evennou had a lot of fun figuring out what to do with this tiny apartment and I am in awe of how large it feels and how much glamour it now exudes. The beautiful colours are the icing on the cake. (Photos: Grégory Timsit)

Beth says:

This knocks my socks off! Completely love it!

Having been in several very tiny studios, I must give kudos. Those tiles!

ružica žganjer says:


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