A dreamy kitchen renovation (with before photos!)

Posted on Tue, 17 Jan 2023 by KiM

I do love some colour, but when someone does black/white and brown THIS GOOD I end up rethinking the meaning of life. This before and after of a kitchen renovation in Québec City is blowing me completely away. The granite countertop, lime-based plaster paint, to-die-for oversized checkerboard ceramic tile floor….it’s really quite a simple renovation when you look closely but Montréal-based Blanc Marine Intérieurs always nails the details and brings their projects together seemingly effortlessly. (Their IG account is one of my absolute favourites for inspiration). Photos: Photographie Interieure Co.

I mean… WOAH! This evokes such a beautiful mood that I can feel it in my body. Absolutely stunning!

Sparky says:

Big changes! Gorgeous!

Suzanne Melton says:


I wish more architects/designers/homeowners would post “Before” photos. Every “After” group of photos is fabulous but seeing what they looked like before the renovation would really make people realize what went into the process.

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