Piggott’s Castle in Portland

Posted on Sun, 29 Jan 2023 by KiM

Stories start in all sorts of places. 1892 Piggott Castle’s story began. Using double thick brick exterior walls with 11 ft ceilings and 9 ft windows mirroring architecture from Rome’s seven hills, Piggott built his sanctuary. Fast forward to 1979, current owners saved, restored and treasured the castle. Now, it is available in all its historically cool glory. Once in a lifetime opportunity to own. The only registered castle in Portland. Brace yourself for a world filled with phenomenal views and inspirational living.
I never imagined I would find a castle for sale in Portland, Oregon but I had a good chuckle reading that it’s the only one. The rooms seem a little small and awkward shaped and the carpeting is really unfortunate but other than those details this is one fabulous home!!! Listing via James Edition.

barb ward says:

Spectacular find Kim ! Probably a whole new avenue for you – Castles in the US
Mad for the roof top patio set

KiM says:

An avenue that likely would have me coming up short most Sundays. Though if I broaden to “manors” and the like maybe a bit easier to come by

Anke says:

My European instincts tell me this can only be weird… But I quite like it! I think I admire the sheer determination that must have gone into building not just any old pile but a ‘registered castle’, in the US of all places. Why not? Have some fun if you can pull that off!

KiM says:

Why should only Europeans live their best lives in a castle? 😉

Anke says:

Yes exactly! Put those battlements all around your roof top terrace and go for it!

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