A surfer’s mobile home in an exclusive California trailer park

Posted on Fri, 10 Feb 2023 by KiM

I have never in my life seen a mobile home this freaking cool and full of personality. Leave it to Frances Merrill of Reath Design to know just what to do with a space like this for a California surfer who clearly loves colour and a fun, vibrant energy. Green painted floors, lavender kitchen cabinets, a retro floral wallpaper and lots of retro knotty pine are everything you could want in an eclectic, stylish surf shack. (Photos: Laure Joliet)

Beth says:

I am ready to move in!

Dana says:

Love, love, love! Mobile homes are the original tiny homes and it’s great to see what can be done to them!

Sparky says:

I’d love to see the outside!

Anke says:

Guess anyone who did not have to endure the 1970s live – the clashing colour, texture and pattern ‘schemes’ and especially theos darkening pine clad knot-hole ceilings!! – might stand a much bigger chance to enjoy this… As somebody who’s been there, done that, escaped, I am completely baffled anyone would do this to themselves on purpose in the 2020s again. Why?!

John says:

Absolutely awesome, and yeah my parents had knotty pine in their lounge,Anke ,and it’s done in a totally different way from the 70s. What a pleasure to see a home,that is not worth hundreds of thousands or millions of bucks on this site.

SteakCutFries says:

Don’t kid yourself. Paradise Cove is a Celebrity Trailer Park, Matthew McConaughey recently bought one in there. Granted it’s not all celebrities, but it’s most definitely for the wealthy. If you look online they’re selling for $2-4million dollars. You get private beachside property with ocean access. Just you and your wealthy buddies. It might not look expensive but that’s the trick, this interior designer works in a lot of beautiful Hollywood area homes

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