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This five‑story neoclassical townhouse, built in the 1890s in London, is all about saturated bold colour choices and using them tonally in each space, creating sooooo much drama and eye candy. And is a wonderful example of one of my favourite paint techniques – taking one colour and using it over trim, walls, ceiling, doors etc. In this case Golden Design took the same shade onto curtains, and carpet, cabinetry and furniture and headboards etc. It’s one way to go a little crazy with colour but in a soothing, easy on the eye sort of way. And it’s so much fun. Photos: Michael Sinclair

Pairing pastels in a Newport Beach home

Posted on Thu, 31 Aug 2023 by KiM

The peacefulness and warmth that this Newport Beach, California home exudes with its soothing pastel colour palette, and it’s classic décor with pretty florals and stripes, makes it so family friendly and comfortable. Designed by Casey Hill, it is just oozing with feminine, pretty vibes and I can’t help but smile from all of the charm it exudes. Photos: Laura Resen; styling: Lisa Rowe.

Black Diamond

Posted on Wed, 30 Aug 2023 by midcenturyjo

“Our clients wanted a home that felt like a boutique hotel with a lavish yet tranquil tonal and textural intensity that was rich in substance, not excess trimmings.”

Moody, earthy and sensuous this Sydney waterfront home by YSG features a lush material palette of glass bricks, stone, zellige tiles, tadelakt and woven raffia. Central to it all is the monolithic stone and mosaic tile kitchen island, the black diamond of the design.

Photography by Anson Smart.

W House

Posted on Wed, 30 Aug 2023 by midcenturyjo

Against a neutral background, earthy tones and subtle pops of colour allow a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces to shine. The home in the Mar Vista neighbourhood of Los Angeles has been brought to life by San Francisco-based Studio Montemayor. Think eclectic, playful and full of personality.

Photography by Sam Frost.

What is the importance of plants in a person’s home living space? This is the story about a 95 square meter apartment with 4 fronts and full of light that as part of a renovation is dealing with this question. The love of the members of the house for growing house plants challenged us to find surprising design solutions all over the house. Examples of solutions can be seen in opening a balcony to the green boulevard at the expense of the living room space, planning furniture that is adapted to growing plants and thinking ahead about utilizing areas for growing plants even at height, and even in the bathroom. We wrapped the entrance hall with carpentry, which makes it possible to store all of the entryway’s stuff: glasses, a dog leash, bags…. We also incorporated a bench that allows you to sit down immediately when you enter the house and take off your shoes. This carpentry rotates inside and also becomes the kitchen’s storage cabinets.
I am envious of all of the light and storage in this apartment. As much as I adore old homes they typically lack in both of those areas. Plants sure do seem to thrive here, unlike in my home 🙂 Located in Tel Aviv and designed by Ma/Deux. Photography by Sivan Askayo.