A really pretty, timeless kitchen

Posted on Fri, 22 Sep 2023 by KiM

With a deep appreciation for design, our clients tasked us with creating a timeless kitchen, finely crafted using quality materials to meet the needs of their young family. Initially presented with a cluttered layout, we worked within the footprint of the existing kitchen to improve the flow and functionality of the space. Repositioning the breakfast nook below the newly exposed round window (previously hidden behind the refrigerator) creates a natural connection between the kitchen and living spaces beyond. A designated appliance area affords a sense of calm in the hub of the kitchen while displaying the client’s impressive ceramic collection. The role of materiality enriches the space, creating a warm and grounded kitchen for our clients to inject their passion for colour, pattern and pre-loved items.
I am immediately stashing away this kitchen by Stockholm-based Inuti Design in my inspiration folder. Many of us have dealt with a small, badly planned kitchen and this is such a stellar example of how to take the bad and turn it into something so very good. (There was a fridge in front of that round window??? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy) Photos: Fanny Radvik; Styling: Linda Ring.

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