A few new books that landed in my mailbox

Posted on Tue, 24 Oct 2023 by KiM

I have received several new books lately and I will admit that this one might be my favourite, as I could move right into this house. Our Way Home: Reimagining an American Farmhouse, by Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill, with Laura Chávez Silverman, photographs by Chris Motallini and published by Rizzoli: The glorious Connecticut property of Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill (of the architecture and interior design firm Hendricks Churchill) illustrates how a late nineteenth-century farmhouse can be adapted for stylish and comfortable twenty-first-century living. The historic property, Ellsworth, is a showplace for their shared aesthetic and sensibility of designing for real life, and not for formality. At the core is a house of pared-down traditionalism with references to Shaker tranquility, Arts & Crafts practicality, and bohemian chic. Whimsical wallcoverings, striking colors, a mix of contemporary furniture and antiques, exciting works of art, and comfort abound—turning a workaday house from the nineteenth century into a creative laboratory of the twenty-first.
This book really showcases their unique style and love of vintage and every detail in each room is worth noting and saving as inspiration. I had to stop myself from taking photos of every page. This one is a must-buy.

Next up is a book that might not be as much “at my level” as the previous book but it is also a must to add to your book collection, because it showcases the work of one of the greatest designers of our time.

John Stefanidis: A Designer’s Eye, written by John with Susanna Moore, published by Rizzoli. This long-awaited monograph brings together fifty years of work and demonstrates how the interiors guru has drawn on a global range of influences for his designs as well as his furniture and fabric collections. John Stefanidis established his design practice in Chelsea, London, in 1967, attracting a discerning international clientele with his carefully considered, vibrant, and beautiful transformation of homes worldwide. If there is such a thing as a Stefanidis “look,” it combines an original use of vibrant color, an eclectic aesthetic, great sensitivity to proportions, and comfort matched with international flair. This lavishly illustrated survey—with images taken for the foremost shelter magazines and unpublished photographs from the designer’s archive—closely follows Stefanidis’s trajectory from his professional start in the late 1960s to his most recent, celebrated projects.
I have been a fan of John’s throughout our many blogging years and it is an honour to have this book in my collection. He is a master at his craft and the beauty of these pages is all the proof you need.

Next up is one that is completely outside of my wheelhouse but I agreed to give it a go anyway and am I ever glad I did.

Classical Shindig: Amateur Artistry from the Simple to the Sublime by Michael Harold and Quinn Peeper, published by Susan Schadt Press: Make the acquaintance of two of New Orleans’ most beloved hosts and concert pianists, Michael and Quinn, who sure do know their shindigs. From seasonal celebrations to iconic book clubs to lavish parties for friends, family, and charities (both local and national), Michael and Quinn have seen, done, and decorated it all. Enjoy the pair’s authentic sense of style and design in their lush home and garden while exploring the joys of throwing unique and personal events. The pages are filled with hundreds of delightful photographs captured by twelve renowned Southern photographers that showcase the abundance of Michael and Quinn’s New Orleans Garden District home. Come away with hosting, interior design, and entertaining tips and tricks that even an amateur can execute.
This book has a little bit of everything – some fabulous interior design, tablescaping like you’ve never seen, and even includes thirty recipes! Everything you need if you’re big on entertaining…or love being entertained! I’m dying to check out the recipes in detail and who knows, maybe this will make me want to throw a party. And a side note that this book would be a perfect host gift to bring to gatherings you are invited to over the holiday season.  

Thank you. Fine examples of heritage , eclectic personality and creativity usually built to last for the future generations- all things that the upcoming wave of government housing lacks and disallows (hope that wasn’t too political, but warehousing people isn’t normal).

Kaldekor says:

I really like this photo from the book authored by Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill. The furniture style showcased seems to be a blend of classic and eclectic. The chairs and couch have a traditional silhouette, yet the upholstery patterns and colors introduce a more whimsical and contemporary touch. The room is a harmonious mix of vibrant hues and muted tones, with the wallpaper providing a subtle backdrop to the bold textiles on the furniture and cushions. The oriental rug anchors the space, while the assorted accessories like the vase, books, and plants add depth and character. Overall, the arrangement feels cozy, inviting, and thoughtfully curated, reflecting a personal touch.

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