How to make your roof last longer

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You need a solid roof to complete your house. If your roof is damaged or leaking, it can make your house uninhabitable. This is why you should put special emphasis on taking care of your roof. If you do not take care of it early on, you will end up paying a lot of money should the damage be fixed.

Although financing options like Alpine Credits make it easier to renovate your home, by properly maintaining your roof, you can avoid the cost to a great extent. Before we get to the tips to prolong your roof’s life, let’s understand the benefits a well-maintained roof offers you:

●    A More Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your roof is one of the first things that one sees when they are right in front of your house. So, even a tiny defect there can be noticeable. Maintaining your roof will ensure that your house continues to look appealing and stand out from the other houses in the lane. Regularly maintaining your roof will keep a high value of your home.

●     It Adds To The Comfort Of Your House

A well-maintained roof ensures that the house gets adequate ventilation and insulation. This will add to the level of comfort inside the house. When doing your roof, you have to consider the attic space too, as they play a significant role in maintaining the longevity of the roof. When the ventilation in your attic is proper, it will help in keeping your roof ventilated and healthy.

●     It Reinforces Your Roof’s Weather Resistance

When you maintain a healthy roof, you work to reinforce its resilience. Your roof continues to bear the natural wear and tear. Even when it is not raining, your roof has to bear extreme sunlight. Therefore, maintaining your roof properly will allow you to address the problems in a timely manner, making sure they do not get worse. This makes the roof more resilient to wear and tear.

●     It Will Be Cost Saving

When you properly maintain the roof today, you can avoid the high costs of repair that you will end up doing in the future. With regular maintenance of the roof, you do not encounter any problems. This will also allow you to deal with issues at an early stage. Even small leaks can become a serious problem quickly and can turn out to be highly expensive to repair.

A Guide To Make Your Roof Last Longer

You do not always have to spend a lot of money to keep your roof well maintained. Regular cleaning and dusting regularly can also go a long way in maintaining the longevity of the roof. Here are some ways you can keep a well-maintained roof for a long time.

●    Regular Inspection

You must regularly inspect your roof to check if something is damaged or needs your attention. Additionally, before and after winter, you need to do a thorough checkup. Often during this time, your roof is left with some cracks and breaks. Start your inspection at the ceiling and go around the roof. Check for rust on metallic surfaces on your roof and make sure that flashing is working properly. The general examination will allow you to identify the repair and damage in a timely manner. This way, you can treat the issue before it gets worse.

●     Properly Insulate The Attics And Cathedral Ceilings

Properly insulating ceilings of attics and cathedral can help in avoiding ice dams. This can result in expensive leaks, especially in the areas where your roofing planes are connecting with each other. When the top layer of the snow melts on the roofs, it flows down.

However, if the recessed lighting in the cathedral ceiling is not insulated adequately, the heat melts the ice and snow from beneath. The moisture can get collected into the nail holes and significantly damage the decking of the roof. To prevent this issue, a self-adhesive membrane is installed to protect certain areas of the roof against water and ice.

●     Remove The Collected Leaves

If you are living in a tropical region, you have to tread the extra miles to take care of your roof. During the fall season, trees shed a lot of leaves, thereby clogging your roof entirely. Even if you install a gutter guard, this issue can continue to cause a problem. This is why you should remove the leaves on a daily basis.

Although it can be a tedious task, the results can be rewarding. You can simply use a leaf flower as it will get the job done without having to put too much effort. Once you have removed the leaves, mulch them in the garden so that the wind does not blow them back to the top.

●    Take Out The Blistering Shingles

Shingles on the roof may get blistered either due to trapped moisture or an inadequately ventilated roof. Blistered shingles may not concern people who keep granules. However, if you notice blisters, it is recommended to replace them before they pop. And. when the shingles are exposed to the UV rays, they will lose more granules. When you are replacing the shingles, consider the weather. This is because when it is extremely cold, the shingles are likely to get cracked, whereas, during intense summer, the sealants may become challenging to break. Moreover, do not power-wash the shingles as the concentrated spray can loosen their granules. This will cause damages that are not covered by the warranty. Instead, use a leaf blower or broom to remove the dirt and moss.

Final Thoughts

You do not want to be faced with a situation where you have to put an entirely new roof over the house. With time, the roof is likely to experience some damage and repair; however, there are ways you can increase the life of your roof. When it comes to maintenance of your roof, be proactive. If you see small issues, take some time to fix them before they turn into something huge. Lastly, with the above tips, you will certainly be able to prolong the life of your roof.

This post was contributed by a guest writer

While the world went through a period of political and social upheaval, every aspect of the status quo in Italy was about to undergo revision. Chairs were no exception to this change, either. Pierre Restany, an art critic, spoke about it at length in an essay that was published in 1986 in “Zanotta: Design For Passion.” He noted that people simply didn’t return from protest meetings or assemblies to sit in the rigid Louis XIV armchair, which was the fashion then.

Instead, the bourgeoisie stiff seating was switched out for ergonomics. The movement is now known as the Italian Radical Design, and three thinkers became prominent. They are Cesare Paolini, Piero Gatti, and Franco Teodoro. Together, these minds came up with the concept of a chair that could adapt to various situations by taking different shapes.

And thus, the bean bag was born. A list of the best bean bags available today has been published by Architecture Lab right here, but for now, here’s how the bean bag came to be designed.

Materials for the Bean Bag

Much like a pile of snow, or even water, these chairs could take different physical structures depending on the body of the person sitting on them.

Other Italians were thinking along similar lines but didn’t find much success. Gatti remembered in a 1988 interview that the first attempt was with water mattresses, but that turned out to be too hard. Then, there were inflatables called ‘pneus,’ which is French for tires. There too, the air led to rigidity and reduced comfort. The polyurethane foam followed, but it did not quite respond to the human body as one would expect.

Finally, the designers thought back to the old mattresses with chestnut leaves; something peasants used widely. Basically, a sack is filled with leaves and other such materials, so it takes the shape of the body. In this case, the reasoning was that balls or marbles, basically something spherical and small, could behave like a semi-fluid and mold itself to the shape of the body.

Although buckshots were considered, the lead turned out to be too heavy while the ping-pong balls happened to be too expensive. Finally, they hit on a usable material, foam polystyrene, which is used in heat and sound-proofing. Cutting open the envelope and pouring the balls into a vinyl bag was the first step in the right direction.

They were definitely getting close when it came to the design, but the bean bags hadn’t yet made their impact on the world.

Bean Bags Enter the Market

This only happened after Macy’s took an interest and the American store placed an order. Zanotta became the manufacturer they turned to for producing the bean bags. The real challenge was never coming up with the chair, but rather finding someone to manufacture it. Luckily, the stars were aligned when it came to Zanotta.

Marta Zanotta, the communication and marketing manager of the brand, recalls how it went down. Aurelio Zanotta heard the presentation, and within thirty minutes, he had ten prototypes made. His niece recognized how Aurelio was aware of the potential of the bean bag.

Combining his trademark audacity and far-sightedness, which always helped his business, Aurelio introduced the market to a product that was so out of the box that it became a design icon beyond disputes.

Bean Bags as Icons

As they say, the rest is history. After the order was shipped out to Macy’s, it also made its debut at the Paris Furniture Fair in January 1969. The grand event witnessed the Sacco, or the bean bag, as most of us know it, as an absolute icon of flawless design.

Since then, bean bags have popped up everywhere. You can see it in casual settings like a college dorm room and at places where fashion is carefully upheld. For example, Franca Sozzani, the late Italian Vogue editor, kept a bean bag in her Paris apartment, and it was covered in mink.

Now that it has been over fifty years, the bean bag feels more relevant than ever. In fact, fashion designer Raf Simons ensured that a suite of them was swathed in his fabrics when it came to Kvadrat. Zanotta even made waves in 2018 by opening its first US flagship store in Miami’s Design District. Obviously, it became a splendid affair, attracting people from the worlds of design and art to the Art Basel Miami Beach.

These bean bags cost around $530, which makes it a rather attainable icon, as compared to some other seating arrangements. After all, it becomes a price worth paying if one pays attention to what Restany had to say. The bean bag meets the general need to loosen up how people tend to live.

Final Words

Not just the bean bag, but its manufacturer too, has had a storied history. From being merely a design to being conceptualized as an icon when it comes to seating arrangements, it has been a terrific journey.

Bean bags have been around for over fifty years now but continue to be just as popular. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about its origins and the efforts that went into enhancing the ergonomics.

Do feel free to reach out to us and share your experiences of using a bean bag. Till next time, Adios!

There are thousands of different toys on the modern market, and everybody has diverse preferences. Both kids and adults like puzzles, building models, and simply beautiful toys and figurines. UGears is an amazing company that creates toys that combine different categories in one thing. Each kit is a puzzle that you put together like a wooden model. When the work is finished, you will have a gorgeous moving toy. These models are unique, and you will not find anything like them. Living in an era of mass-produced plastic toys, such building kits as those made by UGears become a breath of fresh air.

The company has a useful website with all possible toys in the catalog. They all differ in complexity, shapes and sizes, as well as the approximate time of building. Based on these features, it is easy to choose a toy for anybody from a five-year-old child to an adult experienced in building wooden models. All puzzles have unique designs unlike the majority of popular toys. Here, you will see such special and exciting things as trains, research vessels, a globe, different car models, a curvimeter, or even a butterfly with fluttering wings. The selection here is much more diverse and different from what we are generally used to.

Extraordinary Puzzle Toys by UGears Team

UGears creates an amazing experience for children of all ages, from five to ninety-five. If you want to have some quality time with relatives and close ones or relax by yourself, assembling one of these kits is a perfect solution. Each model has an estimated time of building that varies from 30 minutes to 16 hours. If you are a beginner, the simpler models are recommended. But even experienced model assemblers will find here amazing kits for themselves.

There are also some special models designed for younger kids. They are very simplistic and fun. Besides, these toys can be painted after building. Picking the colors and decorating the models is another fun activity for smaller children. 

Here is why the UGears toys are so good:

  • High-quality wood – only the best quality materials are used in production. The plywood involved in making these toys is environmentally sustainable. This material is also sturdy and durable.
  • Comfortable assembly – everything required for a complete puzzle assembly is already in the box. Just find a comfortable place to sit and lay down all the parts and start building. The model will stay together by itself without gluing pieces one to another.
  • Play and learn – the mechanisms of UGears toys resemble real-life items. By building them yourself, you will learn the basic mechanic skills and obtain a better understanding of how these devices work. It is also a good source of creative inspiration for kids;
  • One of a kind designs – the toys designed by UGears specialists always stand out from the millions of other modern toys on the market. All designs here are unique and intricate. Instead of a toy version of a real-life object, such as a train or a car, you receive a small mechanism that works exactly like its bigger variant. They are not just building kits but elaborate mechanisms that will teach you the basics of mechanics.

Great Customer Service for All UGears Clients

While being a Ukrainian company, UGears has been growing on the American market as well. To create a well-rounded experience for every client, it is essential to provide both great toys and convenient customer solutions. Here are some of the pros of buying from UGears:

  • Free of charge shipments – receive your building kit with free delivery around the US. After placing an online order, your shipment will arrive within 2 to 5 working days.
  • One-year guarantee – the UGears puzzles might contain many small details that can be accidentally lost or damaged in the process of assembling. It is especially common with small children in the house. If you need a part replacement within a year after purchasing, UGears will send you all the necessary elements for free.
  • Special wrapping – wooden toys and models are perfect gifts for many kids and grownups, which is why people often buy UGears products as a gift. You can order a special packaging for the occasion, which costs only five bucks. A card with a personalized message for the recipient will be included as well.
  • Guaranteed refund – if there is something you dislike about your order, UGears will either provide a full money return or a substitute kit. This offer is available only for thirty days from the moment of buying;
  • Helpful customer service –customer support representatives are always ready to answer all your questions and help with any possible issue. There is a handy page with answers to the most common questions as well as a few different ways of contacting support if you still need assistance.

Getting your restaurant underway

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The decision to go into the restaurant business is not one that you should be making lightly. Yes, successful and popular eateries do make major profits, however, what you need to understand is that it is a cutthroat industry and the competition drives businesses to close every other week. There are a lot of restaurants and this rise in demand for restaurants has led to a surplus of restaurants opening overtime. This availability of so many different kinds of restaurants has made the industry pretty saturated, so it takes a lot of creativity, effort, and good food to set up a new restaurant and have it generate enough profit to remain to stand and successful.

The food scene some 50 or more years ago was very different compared to now. Restaurants used to operate during certain hours because people were used to having their meals at fixed times during the day. However, with time, the concept of casual dining was introduced and people started having their meals at different times, which is why it is not weird to go to a restaurant at 5 pm and see people eating lunch and so on. So casual dining has created a space where people can come and eat during odd hours as well.

If you are still determined to open a restaurant of your own, then you need to remember that the period before your restaurant opens is just as important as the time when you officially open for business. The amount of preparation you do right now will play a major role in how your restaurant will turn out later. You need to make sure that you sort out all of your relevant details like the location of the restaurant, the size of the restaurant which also includes the seating capacity, the theme of your restaurant, restaurant furniture, the menu, the kind of service you want, and so on. Each of these is equally important to ensure that your restaurant turns out successful. Now, you can choose to consult experts in the industry, or you can design everything yourself ranging from your choice of restaurant chairs to your restaurant’s sign and logo, and so on.

The first thing you want to do is decide the kind of vibe you want your restaurant to give and the customers you mainly want to attract. Determining this beforehand will help map out everything else that you will need to get and set up for the restaurant. For example, if you want a diner-style restaurant that targets a younger audience, you will want a retro setup that encapsulates the feel of a 1950s diner. Similarly, if you want a pretty restaurant to attract friend groups or people that appreciate aesthetics, then you can opt for bright or pastel colors, natural lighting and have a quirkier setup, and so on. By determining your target visitors you can get a complimentary setup going, so this decision always needs to be made beforehand. If you are unsure about your target customers, you can look up information on different age demographics at restaurants, which ones visit more frequently, and which option is more profitable and so on. Doing this will help you have a clear plan that you can map out so that things look and remain consistent at the end of the day.

When we talk about restaurant furniture, we are mostly referring to tables and chairs. Now, there are no hard and fast rules about what kind of furniture your restaurant should have, but they should be sturdy, made of good-quality materials, and consistent with your restaurant’s theme. Of course, having an underlying theme and concept will help considerably narrow down your options. When it comes to chairs, you can choose between stools, sofas, booths, chairs, and so on. The theme of your restaurant can determine the type of chair you have, for example, booths work and sofas work better with family-style restaurants whilst chairs and stools work better with bistros and casual-dining places. You can choose to mix and match as well, having different kinds of seating options, and take it a step further and have mismatching furniture and colors going as well. You can also keep things simple and have the same design of chairs and tables for the entire restaurant. This ultimately comes down to your personal preference and what you feel will work better for your restaurant.

Yes, it seems very tedious to have to go over so many minor details and stress over them, but at the end of the day, if you want a good restaurant that has a consistent theme where everything compliments each other, then you will have to continue agonizing over them. At the end of the day, you want a restaurant that people serves good food, looks good and makes people leave with a smile on their face.

This post was contributed by a guest writer.