We brought a 1970s lakeside cottage back to life with a complete gut remodel, restoring the vintage cabin feel and layering with vintage and luxury finishes to create a boutique short term rental experience for guests to enjoy. We were going for a laid-back luxury vibe bringing in lots of our favorite vintage pieces collected over time. We used handmade tile, natural stone, and textiles in rich, earthy colors and organic textures. We let the outside in with new patio doors and windows throughout. While the main room was painted with a warm white, we dialed up the mood in the bedrooms and bathrooms with deep, earthy tones. 
If I stumbled upon this cool cottage on Airbnb I’d be booking it on the spot. Not your typical cottage vibes and definitely amping up the sophistication. Designed by Meet West Studio.

Two cottages in Norfolk become one

Posted on Thu, 9 May 2024 by KiM

Historically the two cottages were separate entities however they were usually occupied together. The accommodation in each was compromised; bedrooms accessed through bedrooms, cramped kitchens and no space where the occupants could gather. The scheme joined the cottages with an extension which freed up the floorplan and consolidated the spaces and created a large convivial dine in kitchen. The form of the extension was designed to reference the original pitched roofs of the cottages whilst the materials chosen were to contrast those of the existing cottages. The intention was that new and old elements were easily and proudly distinguishable. Elsewhere particular attention was made to preserve the integrity and character of the original cottages making interventions when only necessary. The emphasis for the interior decoration was that it should feel layered and lived in.
I am always a fan of a mix of modern and traditional so this renovation is a win for me, particularly if it means getting a large, functional kitchen in the end. Designed by Anna Haines; Architect: Kathryn Manning of Adaptation Architecture; Photos: Rachael Smith.

South Hill revival

Posted on Tue, 7 May 2024 by KiM

An enchanting mid-century modern home, where nostalgia meets innovation in a symphony of design. Throughout this home, the interplay of vintage and modern is not just a juxtaposition, but a conversation. Inspired by a passion for vintage furniture and art, every corner of this space echoes with stories of the past, intertwining seamlessly with the present. The color palette, a canvas of timeless neutrals, sets the stage for understated elegance. Hints of patina-flecked brass and the warmth of oak wood have been thoughtfully infused to embrace the comforting allure of a well-loved abode. The fusion of mid-century modern aesthetics, art deco grandeur, and the free-spirited bohemian vibe culminates in an eclectic marvel that is uniquely individual. The result is a space that is vibrant, cozy, and endlessly intriguing.
Yes yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I really love this home and how every element is like a work of art. Montana Labelle is like the Canadian Kelly Wearstler and I cannot get enough.

Hillside gardens

Posted on Tue, 7 May 2024 by KiM

There is no description for this absolutely breathtaking landscaping project by Dan Pearson Studio. All that really needs to be said is this is so perfect I could cry.

It is very difficult to find castles that I can share on Sundays that are decorated in a way I would consider “blog-worthy”. This 8 bedroom, 6063 ft² castle is blog-worthy but not in the positive sense. The bones are fabulous but the decor is so horrible that I don’t think there is a single paint colour, piece of furniture, light fixture etc I can get behind. And it begins as soon as you drive up with that hideous blue. I started reading the description and could not stop laughing…..
Ideally nestled between Riscle and Marciac, in a small hamlet of several delightful residences, discover this sumptuous Art Deco château, accompanied by its guest house and vast outbuildings. Entirely renovated by a famous Madiran wine producer, it is the epitome of excellence: every wall is a hand-painted work of art, the floor tiles are cut on site, and the bathroom tiles are made-to-measure creations… Yet this renovation in no way detracts from the modern character and state-of-the-art equipment of the house… Listing here.