My newly redone goth/glam bathroom

Posted on Fri, 23 Mar 2007 by KiM

I am pretty excited to finally have this project finished. My bathroom is the last of the 2.5 bathrooms in this house to be redone. It still needs new flooring but so do the other bathrooms so that’s a project for another time. We’re not planning on keeping this house for very long so we can’t do too much to the house without thinking of resale but I had to go a little nuts somewhere – and it might as well be my bathroom. This cost about $650 – that’s for the sink, faucet, knobs, light fixture, paint, accessories, art, molding around art, mirror, shower curtain…etc. I’m curious to hear your comments.

Hotel Fox

Posted on Tue, 20 Mar 2007 by KiM

Alot of people have heard of Hotel Fox and I know other blogs have posted some of the photos from their site but I figured I had to do a post because it is one of the most original hotels I have ever seen. Located in Copenhagen, it consists of 61 rooms decorated by 21 artists. “Each room is an individual piece of art. From whacky comical styles to strict graphic design. From fantastic street art and Japanese Manga to simply spaced out fantasies. You will find flowers, fairytales, friendly monsters, dreaming creatures, secrets vaults and…”. Well, here’s a taste of what you’ll find at Hotel Fox.

Jennifer Post

Posted on Mon, 19 Mar 2007 by KiM

Jennifer Post‘s style of modern simplicity/classical minimalism has won her a spot in Architectural Digest world’s top 100 designers and architects list. She has quite a list of clients to her name, such as Jennifer Lopez, Simon Cowell, and Matt Lauer. Her timeless designs are stunning in photographs.

And more yellow/black/white

Posted on Fri, 16 Mar 2007 by KiM

Living Etc.

Ok – I can’t get enough of these colours so here’s yet ANOTHER yellow/black/white post.


Fox Nahem Design Annie Schlechter
Domino Brad Feinknopf
Jonathan Adler Vogue Interiors

More yellow/black/white

Posted on Wed, 14 Mar 2007 by KiM

My sister saw my yellow/black/white/grey post and sent me some stunning photos she had saved of this colour scheme. She had so many this will be the first of two posts. Thanks Julia!

Arbogast Design Group Arbogast Design Group
Arbogast Design Group Thad Hayes
Dylan Hotel Dublin Dylan Hotel Dublin