Casa Rubens

Posted on Wed, 6 Sep 2023 by KiM

Comprehensive rehabilitation of a single-storey house located at the foot of Monte Abantos, in San Lorenzo del Escorial. Conceived as a weekend home for a young couple from Madrid with two children, it takes the summer homes of Cadaqués from the 1950s as a reference. The premise was to create a warm and welcoming home, where in addition to recreating a subtle idea of what we understand as the Mediterranean, color was the other protagonist. Color as the guiding thread of a house that is designed to host friends and artistic presentations on a regular basis. The new distribution divides the volume in two, giving rise to a double-height unitary space that houses the living room-dining room-kitchen, and a study on the mezzanine that is accessed through a sculptural spiral staircase. The other half of the volume houses three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small double-height distributor that allows direct interaction with the mezzanine and its natural lighting.
Once again, an inspiring and dramatically colourful project by Estudio Reciente. Photos: Asier Rua.

A jewel box of a London pied-à-terre

Posted on Mon, 4 Sep 2023 by KiM

This London pied-à-terre is an absolute gem, full of whimsy and colour just all around good vibes. There’s an elegance to this home while at the same time a playfulness. For example, the kitchen includes a hand-painted meadow mural on the tiles. There’s modern pieces mixed with antiques, with backdrops of deGournay wallpapers and yellow curtains and marble marquetry floors that all add so much drama and interest. Designed by Studio Ashby. Photos by Kensington Leverne.

I don’t know what it is about designers in Spain, particularly Madrid, but WOW they are some of the most brave and creative people out there and create some of the most unique and colourful spaces I have ever seen. Had someone showed me a couple of these photos without saying a word I would have guessed this was in Madrid. This is the courageous and vibrant home of designer Carlos Tomás of Estudio Reciente. Photos: German Saiz

Castle Clécy (or Castle Boho-No!)

Posted on Sun, 3 Sep 2023 by KiM

This 19th century château is located in Calvados (Normandy region), and originally, the building consisted solely of the large tower dating from the 17th century and used as a hunting lodge. The second part was completed in 1869. The property is set in more than two hectares of partly wooded parkland, with a heated 11 m x 5 m swimming pool near the manor house. The property has three entrances, each with its own wooden or wrought iron gates, and storage buildings. 450m² of living space with 7 bedrooms and an attic floor that has yet to be renovated. The property also has 2 luxury “gites” (holiday rental home) within the wooded area.
A classic French château that is really breathtaking, though I am horrified the current owners decided a boho vibe was the way to go, and included cheap Ikea lighting (and string lights in the kitchen? really?), Ikea units in the kitchen and what looks like faux wood laminate? engineered? flooring. Praying for this poor beautiful home that the next owners do it justice. For sale for 1,690,000 € via Sotheby’s.

This five‑story neoclassical townhouse, built in the 1890s in London, is all about saturated bold colour choices and using them tonally in each space, creating sooooo much drama and eye candy. And is a wonderful example of one of my favourite paint techniques – taking one colour and using it over trim, walls, ceiling, doors etc. In this case Golden Design took the same shade onto curtains, and carpet, cabinetry and furniture and headboards etc. It’s one way to go a little crazy with colour but in a soothing, easy on the eye sort of way. And it’s so much fun. Photos: Michael Sinclair