Classic made current

Posted on Tue, 8 Nov 2022 by KiM

Sean Anderson continues to master the balance between light and dark, contemporary and traditional with this gorgeous home in Tennessee, one of his latest completed projects. If you were ever unsure how to make a white. black and brown colour palette intriguing and eye catching, this is a perfect example.

Architect: David Anderson; Builder: The Longtown Company; Photos: Haris Kenjar

After living in the heart of Paris for several years, designer David Jimenez spent 2 years searching for a country home for weekend retreats. He ended finding a place so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. It is an expansive 8-room private apartment in a centuries-old manor house on the grounds of a 16th century château near the village of Saintines, on hour north of Paris. It is decorated in classical David style – filled with layer upon layer of the most beautiful antiques and textiles and lighting. (Photos via Veranda, by Xavier Bejot)

He recently launched a book, Parisian by Design, published by Rizzoli who kindly sent me a copy and this is a MUST HAVE book. Featuring several of his design projects and sooo much more, I devoured it in an afternoon and was quite smitten with it. There is a photo of the castle and its moat that alone is worth every cent this book is being offered for. (Find it on Amazon here)

Kin House is a lovingly restored (by owners Matt and Gaby Harvey and interior-design studio Barlow & Barlow) 1680 Georgian manor in the Wiltshire countryside, open for private parties, retreats, high times or down time. It has a shell-encrusted grotto, 12 gloriously designed bedrooms and would be an incredible venue for a wedding or an epic party. What a beauty!

First photo: Kristin Perers; remaining photos: Owen Gale

Shades of red and green in a Paris apartment

Posted on Fri, 4 Nov 2022 by KiM

This Paris apartment was designed with travel in mind. The inspiration were hotel rooms, luxury train carriages, with a certain degree of luxury and elegance. Shades of red and green were used throughout – not typically a palette I’m drawn to but designer Hugo Toro worked magic here and I adore it. (Photos: Leny Gueta)

The gardens of Hilltop Farm

Posted on Fri, 4 Nov 2022 by KiM

What’s not tangible creates the feeling of a garden. The light through trees, the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine, the sound of water or birds.
A garden is healing.  It can nurture our souls. We feed and water a garden, we help it grow, and it nurtures us back.
A garden is a living painting; it’s an experience. Being so close to nature transcends any material goals or possessions.
A garden is a sanctuary, it’s where you go to rejuvenate, but first you must relate to it.

Art Luna Studio (California)