Maximalism with colour and pattern

Posted on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 by KiM

WOW there is alot going on in this home and I REALLY love it. Zoë Feldman Design took a very unique approach with the choices of colours and patterns throughout the home and the result is alot of fun and fabulously eclectic. Also, if you ever doubted the power of high gloss paint….
Color, pattern, & texture fill this eclectic Spring Valley home. Our client’s, fans of all things British, fashion, and believers in the “more is more” adage, quickly challenged us to find our inner maximalists. However, the real task was to create cohesion in such a layered and whimsical space. Our goal was to show enough restraint, without sacrificing any interest, to curate a natural relationship between the spaces. We utilized patterns and colors that one may not typically view as neutral to create a sense of layered complexity. In the entry, the leopard print stair runner serves as an organic neutral that enhances the effect of the floral patterned wallcovering. Throughout the home, small scale pattern serves as a complimentary juxtaposition to larger scale prints in a way that a solid would never be able to achieve. The kitchen serves as relief, a sort of palette cleanser, by using tonality over prints. The entire space is a study in balance leaving one to question everything they ever thought was true about neutral.

Photographer: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Inspired by Flora Soames

Posted on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 by KiM

I’ve been agonizing over what to do with the 2 garden beds my husband created in our front yard when he completed interlocking the driveway. The other day I happened to notice House & Garden’s YouTube account had posted a new video of the rented home of British designer Flora Soames. I love her style and her pattern and colour filled home, but it was her garden that had me really swooning. Her pool became a pond, and around it is the most incredible floral cutting garden. Then it hit me. If I can’t figure out what to do in my front yard, particularly with the 20′ long x 12′ (ish) bed, why not just fill it to the brim with flowers! (I generally don’t plant anything that flowers, I am weird like that). So due to this enlightenment I figured I would share some photos from that feature on Flora in House & Garden (first 4, photographed by Simon Upton) and some from random projects in her portfolio.

This Northern California estate looks like from the outside it may have been transported from Mexico? South of France? Portugal? and once you walk inside you’re then whisked away to a castle in England? a Caribbean villa? Whatever this is it’s exquisitely eclectic and overflowing with personality. Another project designed by Studio Shamshiri (styled by Michael Reynolds).

Photos: Stephen Kent Johnson

Sunday at a boutique hotel

Posted on Sun, 21 Mar 2021 by KiM

The weather is beautiful here in Ottawa this weekend and we’re in yet another lockdown so to pass the time I’m spending it outside lounging in the backyard and trying to spread the snow piles we have left around the yard so they’ll melt faster. Fellow Canadians I know are laughing at this because WE ALL DO IT. Spring and summer can’t get here fast enough. Anyway, I spotted this beautiful luxury boutique hotel/guest house, Maison de la Luz, located in New Orleans in the portfolio of Studio Shamshiri and had to share. It is sooo unique, sophisticated and elegant. What I would give for a weekend getaway here!

Photos: Stephen Kent Johnson

A fresh take on a classic Edwardian

Posted on Thu, 18 Mar 2021 by KiM

I love the contemporary vibes and brightness of this home, another project designed by IDF Studio. After purchasing a two-story flat in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow, our client asked IDF Studio to create a home that reflects her fun, playful personality and her love of animals. We embraced the challenge of including animal artwork and the color pink into a refined, sophisticated space.  Tonal pink features prominently in some spaces, and is a subtle accent in others.  The result is decidedly feminine.