Christine Rudolph

Posted on Mon, 7 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

I fell in love with stylist Christine Rudolph’s work when I first saw pictures in Vogue Living Australia. Beautiful and thoughtful collections of found, new and vintage objects holding pride of place in faded fabulous rooms. Here are some of my favourites. You absolutely must go to her rep Judith Miller’s site. Gorgeous portfolio!

Images from Judith Miller Inc

Jo’s place

Posted on Sun, 6 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

What a week! Never again will I take on the job of painting my 2 bedroom apartment. I wanted to call this post “Paint, prints and problems”. 1) I had forgotten how physically hard painting is. 2) It took three coats to cover the walls to my exacting (fussy) standard. 3) It is so humid here after a week of heavy rains that the removable adhesive hooks I bought won’t stay on the wall. The wall plugs and hooks to hang the heavy artwork and frames won’t grip the drywall properly (thanks Mr Hardware man for the recommendation) and I’m left with a lot of artwork still to hang. 4) I still have to put all the furniture back and clean up! At least I managed to paint up some new prints for my etsy store! Thank god I’m back to work tomorrow.

So what colour did I paint those walls? White. That’s a close up in the centre (although looking at it you’d think it was grey bad photographer that I am). Renting in Australia is fraught with design dilemmas. Landlords must give you permission to paint and then it’s a 99.99999999% chance that they will say only white. I wonder if they’ll change the ugly carpet for me? Better get back to figuring out where all the paintings are going to go. Those colourful ones above are in the entrance hallway. One up several dozen to go. Wish me luck.

Calling all Australian readers. Are you prepared to give up your favourite/secret vintage shops? Stylist, photographer, author and blogger Pia Bijkerk emailed me with an interesting request.

“…. one of my stories will be featured in home beautiful soon and i am writing up a list of antique and vintage stores for them that i can recommend to readers – i have all my faves from sydney in there but i have NO contacts for Queensland (well, nor melbourne or the rest of oz!) – would you be able to recommend at least one or two from there so in the hope they will mention it in the article? i REALLY want to promote cool vintage places across the country. in the story i am saying something like this ‘instead of heading to the mall on a saturday, go and check out your local antique or flea market etc bla bla’…. do you reckon if you posted about it people might write in from around oz with some shops to recommend?? or markets?”

So oz antique and vintage lovers spill the beans on the hottest and the most fabulous stores in your city. But we’re on a deadline. Pia is completing the story brief this weekend so we need your tips by Monday Australian time. Never mind if you miss the deadline still leave all your fav spots in the comments below. Then we can let everyone in on the fun.

P.S. Pia sent us this lovely dog on a bed photo as a thank you in anticipation! Read more about this cute pic and Michelle Young’s work on Pia’s blog
P.P.S. Stay tuned for more cute pet photos again this week.


Posted on Sat, 5 Jan 2008 by midcenturyjo

I’m back and it’s time for WINKS – weekend links! Here we list what has come in during the week, things we’ve found and things we think you’ll want to see. If you’d like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we’ll link you. So what’s come in over the past week or two?

    • Lisa emailed to introduce her new blog Canberra’s Got Style. Australian readers will know that Lisa has chosen a tough niche as Canberra is our nation’s capital and not known for the stylish and the funky. That’s about to change as Lisa is finding fabulous places, people and products to feature on her blog. And that room above that seems familiar? Lisa is NinaRibena finalist in the AT Fall Colors Contest. Good luck Lisa! You’re off to a great start.

    • Pam at RetroRenovation sent in a link to her post on retro vinyl sheeting or lino as we call it here. Look at that kitchen!! Read more here.

    • Louise, another Australian and coincidentally also from Canberra has a new letterpress blog Poppy Letterpress. Louise is a graphic designer who has given up her job and is pursuing her passion for presses and print. An invaluable resource and sounding board for aussies who share a similar hankering.


    • We received an introduction to a new webstore – Brastilo Brazilian inspiration in a line of furniture and homewares. Check it out! Thanks Celio.

    • Moderndose wants to start out the year by announcing their resolution formula to the world… 2008 = Redecor8+Don8. Estela Lugo emailed that will be donating 8% of all sales this year to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. More info on their website. Check out their room of the month while you’re there!


    • Jill Barton & Paris Gerrard are mother and daughter artists who live and paint in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their beautiful work is available as originals, mixed media originals and giclée prints. Take a look at their portfolios. Thanks ladies!

  • Finally if you’re looking for a calendar to keep track of your year, one that has an edgy urban prairie feel then go straight to Chris Brown’s Urban Prairie Blogshop to grab one of his Crack Heads 08 calendars. Twelve months showcasing Chris Brown’s collection of cracked and faded doll heads. Spiral bound, printed on heavy, matte recycled stock. Pages measure 6″x7.5″. Includes inspirational ideas on how to display these oddities in a modern setting & blank notes/photo pages for use throughout the year. EXTRA BONUS: A CD of twelve desktop calendar images for your computer so you’ll never be without a little Urban Prairie style, no matter where you are.Too cool Chris!!

Jo’s place

Posted on Sat, 29 Dec 2007 by midcenturyjo

I’ve been so busy at work and most thrift shops have been closed. What’s a girl to do? Take a holiday of course! I’m not posting or going to work next week so I can….. wait for it….. paint my apartment. Sorry I don’t know how to relax. Only a few finds this week. Two little frames that I’ll add to a grouping I’m doing for the lounge room. The gold one will be painted white and the vintage mirror frame will be home for one of my peacock prints. Can’t show you all of my new etsy letterpress. Bad cuss words. Got it at rar rar press, full of fab and funny letterpress goodies. Kim will be posting all week and I’ve seen the cool stuff she has found. I’ll drop in occasionally to say hi if I have the time. Have a great New Year everyone!