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Reader request – bathroom inspiration

Posted on Thu, 3 Feb 2011 by KiM

Tanya owns a home remodeling company, and needs a bit of inspiration for a bathroom project: We want to install a shower in a narrow bathroom with a large south-facing window at the end away from the door. The room is a standard size bathroom that would hold a shower/tub, toilet and sink about 5 x 8 feet I am leaning toward tiling the whole room and sloping the floor toward a drain under the shower. I want some minimalist enclosure ideas which will allow the maximum light from the window to fall into, and through the room when the door is open. Many designs would compromise the window with a clunky shower surround. The main trade off I see is to encourage at least the majority of the shower water to end up in the drain, before coating everything else. Simplicity is a plus. The window will probably be replaced, so it will be able to get wet, (ie, vinyl.) Any thoughts? And pictures?

Here is a photo of the bathroom in it’s current state:

YIKES. I’d say it could use a bit of work. 🙂 I personally am a huge fan of seamless floors in a bathroom where, as Tanya is suggesting, water flows into a floor drain. Tanya also sent along a couple photos of bathrooms she found on DTI that lead her to the idea and inspired action.

I found some photos of bathrooms set up like this, as well as some with more separation for the shower, and I tried finding as many examples as I could of these with a window in the shower area. Hopefully these help!

Metropolitan Home Micasa Revista
Sköna hem Sunset
Sunset Sunset
Hus & Hem Apartment Therapy
Antoine Bootz Oak Management
Elmslie Osler Architect Jennifer Merritt Koskinen
Tom Atwood Hus & Hem
Hus & Hem Bolig Magasinet

Rafael Vargas

Luce Et Studio

Meg Braff

Style At Home

Marie Claire Maison

Alexander White


Some favourite bathrooms of 2010

Posted on Tue, 4 Jan 2011 by KiM

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Reader request – antique bathtub

Posted on Thu, 28 Oct 2010 by KiM

Time for this week’s reader request: “My name is Gisela Diaz and I’m a Spanish girl living in Portugal. Recently I bought a antique bathtub. I been looking for that for more than ten years, and finally I got it. I would like to ask you for some inspiration to restore it and to install it.” I went through my stash of bathroom photos and found some featuring antique bathtubs – mainly clawfoot – to show Gisela the placement/colours/taps and whatever else she may need to figure out. I am completely jealous. I have wanted a clawfoot tub for a long time. Actually, I’d settle for any tub that is large enough to take a bath in (and have adequate water coverage). Last time I took a bath I was probably 8 years old. In all the homes I have rented/bought I have never had a decent tub. I think it’s about time I get one….

Hus & Hem
Marie Claire Italy
Elle Decor
Light Locations
Living Etc.
Homes & Gardens
House To Home

Period Living Lynn Morgan
Sunset Sköna hem
Melanie Acevedo Marie Claire Italy
Country Home Ryann Ford
design*sponge Valerie Rowley

Reader requests – bathrooms with colour

Posted on Thu, 9 Sep 2010 by KiM

This request comes from Becky: “I need some help revamping my bathroom. Right now its a soft gray and I’m kind of tired of it, kind of blah. So I’m wondering if you have any inspiration for color in a bathroom? My bathroom is a medium size with a claw foot tub and white subway tile in the shower, dark stained vanity with Carrera Marble top, so a bit old fashioned however I am a lover of vintage modern so if you have any bathrooms that might meld the 2 styles I would be eternally grateful!” Now I have quite a few bathroom photos stashed away but to find some that were colourful, with traditional and vintage modern styles mized together etc etc was not bloody likely. So instead I decided to select some photos of colourful bathrooms that I think could work with Becky’s existing features (well, I think any colours would work) and I included a few with wallpaper because that could be really fun (not to install but to enjoy afterwards – LOL).

Ngoc Minh Ngo Country Living
Lonny Lonny
Elle Decor Canadian House & Home
Sunset Sunset
Sunset oitoemponto
design*sponge Decor Demon
design*sponge 3rd UNCLE design inc

Todd Alexander Romano
Elle Decor
Lucy Berridge
Living Etc.
Living Etc.

Valerie and Alan’s bathroom remodel

Posted on Fri, 13 Aug 2010 by KiM

Valerie wrote us the other day to show off her remodeled bathroom and I had to share it on the blog because we LOVE a good remodel here on DTI. Here are the details:

Our current home is a loft in Midtown Atlanta and while it is a different type of home than most of your readers post about but it fits our style. Recently we completely renovated our bathroom. We only have one bathroom in our 2 bedroom loft, so making it as comfortable and functional as possible was extremely important, all while keeping in line with the way we have renovated every other part of the home. We did the entire project ourselves, except for installing the tub (living in a high rise building means plumbing mistakes can be huge!). We tore it down to the studs and the original concrete floor and brought it back in an industrial but modern and polished way that fits with the rest of our home. This included chipping away the tiny tiles that covered the floor and building a concrete step to accommodate plumbing that can’t go under your subflooring when your floor is concrete.

Valerie also sent along a couple before photos that show the bland space as it was, but unfortunately she does not have any photos of details to show the terrible workmanship from a very unknowledgeable do-it-yourselfer.

I am in awe that Valerie and Alan did all this work themselves. The mosaic tiles are a gorgeous touch, and the colour scheme is perfectly bathroom-y and fresh. Check it out below. (More information on their remodel can be found on their blog. Great job guys! Thanks for sharing with us!)

Sources: sink – Ikea; faucets, mirror – Home Depot; stool – HomeGoods; towels, bathmat, shower curtain – CB2; soap dispensers – Bed, Bath and Beyond; paint: grey – Valspar’s Bay Waves; blue – Behr’s Wishing Well

P.S. Stay tuned for another reader’s renovation later today…it’s INSANE!