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“We are Duet, a duo devoted to creating timeless interior outcomes, evolved from transparent and fruitful connections. Together we specialise in design solutions that compose a duet between aspiration and nostalgia. There are no quick fixes; just solid, joyous, longhand interiors.”

Bold colour choices, family pieces mixed with antiques and bespoke, open and airy yet dark and moody. This Sydney family home refresh by Duet breathes new life into an old home.

Photography by Anson Smart

Spotted Gum

Posted on Tue, 4 Apr 2023 by midcenturyjo

“Spotted Gum House is an alteration and addition to an existing interwar bungalow nestled amongst the mature, leafy green trees of Sydney’s North Shore neighbourhood of Artarmon. While respecting the suburban landscape and heritage conservation area we have restored the street-facing façade while exploring a hidden, modern sculptural annexe at the rear.

The three-bedroom home has been transformed into a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. The design vernacular is courageous in its exploration of scale; Spotted Gum House now explores a tension between three distinct architectural languages; the existing front of the home, and the upstairs and downstairs of the new rear extension.”

Sensuous, sinuous and downright sexy. Spotted Gum by Alexander and Co.

A London abode

Posted on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

The designer calls it an indulgent affaire in the heart of Clapton, East London. Bold, bespoke, dramatic it’s all in the details, a feast for the eyes but enveloping and cocooning. A London abode by Sella Concept.

Is your bedroom lacking in the luxury department? Do you feel like you simply can’t fit everything into this tiny space while still feeling luxurious and calm? Believe it or not, achieving a minimalist and luxurious bedroom doesn’t require a complete renovation. All you need to do is focus on one thing: decluttering. Try adding a few key items to create an inviting atmosphere that screams “luxury” without sacrificing any comfort—or breaking the bank! Read on to learn how decluttering for luxury can turn your dull and cramped bedroom into an elegant and relaxing haven.

1. Invest in quality furniture pieces that will last – like a hardwood bed frame or luxurious velvet armchair

Investing in quality furniture pieces can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home, not to mention its longevity. What good is that trendy rattan armchair if it breaks a few months down the line? Go for something sturdy with star power. A classic wooden bed frame, for example, will last through the ages and give your bedroom an upgrade instantly. And why not try something luxurious while you’re at it? Try Eva’s Comfort Classic Mattress with a 365 day trial so there’s no risk involved either! Investing in quality doesn’t just make sense — it’s always worth it.

2. Use under-the-bed drawers, wall organizers, and shelving units as storage

You may maximize the space in your home by using storage options including under-the-bed drawers, wall organizers, and shelf units. With these straightforward techniques, you may tidy up your surroundings and keep everything more organized. Also, these options are perfect for hiding items so they don’t occupy room in your home. How well-organized your home is can be significantly improved by adding even a small amount of storage space.

3. Make a room appear larger by using mirrors

Mirrors are a simple but effective technique to provide the appearance of more space in a bedroom, making it seem bigger than it actually is. These not only allow you to break up vast, boring walls, but they also bring shine and beauty to the atmosphere. Mirrors, when combined with minimalist decor, may transform a compact bedroom into an extraordinarily sumptuous one, exuding an unrivaled sensation of airiness and relaxation.

Decluttering for luxury doesn’t come without a certain sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. You’ve taken the time to truly understand the kind of aesthetic you desire, the changes you need to make, and the amount of effort it will take to get there. This has been made infinitely easier with this guidebook as your beacon through the fog of bedroom decorating decisions. From articulating your taste preferences down to choosing texture accents, now you can make it all come together while still respecting minimalism in style. The end result will be nothing short of stunning — even if fewer items populate its space. Live luxuriously by transforming your room into a chic oasis free from clutter. Your efforts will be purposeful and transformative, so enjoy!

Bundeena House

Posted on Wed, 29 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

“Set in the bush and beach hamlet of Bundeena, this house is a contextual response to the local vernacular of modest fisher-cottages. Its single-storey, timber-clad form wraps around a sunny central courtyard, enjoying a large north-facing garden. Conceived as a sustainable kit-home prototype, the design follows a strict mathematic logic in its construction. The sense of beachside calm belies the rigour and precision in the plan.”

Simple lines belie the considered design of this beach house with its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. Bundeena House by Tribe Studio.

Photography by Katherine Lu