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A divinely bohemian 1850s Brooklyn brownstone

Posted on Mon, 11 May 2020 by KiM

Architect and designer Elizabeth Roberts strikes again with another exquisite project transforming centuries-old homes in Brooklyn into modernized masterpieces. In this four-story 1850s brownstone designed for a fashion designer, an art consultant and their children, a premium was placed on the way the space and interiors felt, first and foremost. The result is a bohemian home that is equal parts monumental and tactile. Select restored elements, such as the delicate crown molding in the parlor, play against clean plastered walls. Impactful and modern interventions are rendered with exquisite materials and delicate details, such as the thin proportions of the railings and posts inside and out, an oversized island clad in expressive stone, a family room with an elevated hearth that turns into a bench and a travertine-clad master bath with custom tub. An exquisite balance is struck between bold architectural moves and delicate proportions.

Photos: floto+warner

An exuberant forever home

Posted on Wed, 29 Apr 2020 by KiM

Really lively and bright colours, playful wallpaper, an elaborate gallery wall, and vintage vibes are abundant in this Pennsylvania forever home designed by Michelle Gage. She has added so much energy to each space. Forever indeed! (Photos: Rebecca McAlpin)

Making your everyday a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 19 Apr 2020 by KiM

Since it is Sunday and none of us have been able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant in weeks, I thought I would share this quirky Bangkok restaurant called Sundays, where their motto is “Making your everyday a Sunday”. It is filled with colour and art and random vintage bits and bobs, and is overflowing with personality and creativity. I would absolutely love to be hanging out here right now enjoying a meal. Via Yatzer, photos by Chaovalith Poonphol.

A treasure trove of an apartment

Posted on Wed, 15 Apr 2020 by KiM

The drama continues thanks to the creative folks of PROjECT and this fantastic small apartment with a distinctive global feel. This is our girl Aimee’s Ukrainian village respite. A 650-square-foot studio filled with treasures from amazing places with all the divine sensations — Tanzania, Nicaragua, Peru, Mexico, Bali, India — it’s the ultimate nod to her nomadic flow, and the living room where PROjECT was born. Our resident hunter + gather pairs a tribal vibe with her signature rip-tear-shred aesthetic; literally, ripped drapes + shredded pillows, and a few space-saving hacks. The bedroom was transformed into a walk-in closet and the sofa doubles as a headboard from the backside. It’s an all-white space enveloped in a cloud of copal incense, where there’s a memory, story or person behind each treasure.

I’m real estate strolling scrolling in the Australian beach hot spot of Byron Bay and the house I have found typifies a style I have come to call Byron Bay boho coastal. Think of a neutral colour palette of sands and earth and white, mix in a natural materials palette, wood and stone, jute and linen and rattan. A little bit coastal, a little bit Scandi but then we add the boho layer. Hammocks and macrame, dried palm leaves and pampas. It’s hippy meets hip, eco warrior meets entrepreneur (with deep pockets because Byron Bay has overtaken Sydney for highest medium house price. This laid back beach home up in the hills has a guide price of $2 to $2.2 million. Oh you do get a little studio over the garage that you could list on Airbnb to help with the mortgage. Link here while it lasts.