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Reader request – Eames LCM

Posted on Fri, 7 Sep 2012 by KiM

A reader named Monica recently scored 3 Eames LCM chairs at an estate sale (lucky girl!). Here’s her dilemma: I’d like to use them as dining chairs, but I know they’re more lounge-type chairs (hence the L in the name). They’re not super low, but you end up leaning back more than in a regular dining chair. I see the Eames shell chairs in dining rooms all the time, but never these. Do you have any examples of dining rooms that use these? I’m thinking about pairing them with a wood table and a built-in- or freestanding-bench along the other side. They actually come in a 16″ lounge version which is what Monica has, and an 18″ dining chair version. She’s trying to convince her husband they will work as dining chairs because she has enough occasional chairs (although I personally think there’s no such thing as too many chairs!). I went through my photo stash and found photos of it as a dining chair, and I threw in some of the LCW version too at the end. I love these as dining chairs – they’re a great break from the normal Eames molded plastic chairs everyone seems to use.

Roger D’Souza


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Dane Tashima



Koning Eizenberg Architecture

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Ian MacDonald

My new chair

Posted on Sun, 5 Feb 2012 by KiM

At the end of the summer I blogged about the sad news that one of my favourite Ottawa shops, Green Light District, was packing up and moving to Toronto. On our last trip to the shop before the move, I decided to make a rather significant purchase and ordered one of their lounge chairs. When these chairs first arrived at the shop, owners Deborah and David insisted on taking the chair out of the window so I could try it out. OMG it was like sitting on a cloud! Amazingly soft leather that you sink into. I dreamt about that chair for weeks afterwards and knew it would be a perfect addition to the living room in my new house (which btw has yet to get past the planning stage). I was able to choose the colour of leather (I went with black) and cord colour (black again). I waited several months for the chair to be made in South Africa and get sent here with some other pieces Deborah and David had ordered. A couple of weeks ago on a quick trip to Ottawa, they delivered my chair. It is now my favourite piece of furniture. I cannot wait to get my new house finally built to show it off in. I finally managed to get some photos taken this morning (with my new Fuji X10 that I am still trying to figure out). Thanks Deborah and David!!!

Of course, with 7 cats I am incredibly fearful they may harm my chair (they know momma will freak if they do so they are pretty good about just laying on it and nothing else) so this is what the chair looks like when my arse is not planted on it.

P.S. Green Light District was featured in the latest issue of Toronto’s Designlines! A fantastic magazine I may add, that had me dying to take a trip to TO to check out GLD’s new shop and a ton of other shops listed in the mag.

Happy Friday!

Posted on Fri, 18 Nov 2011 by KiM

Chair porn

Posted on Sun, 10 Jul 2011 by KiM

It’s been ages since I’ve done a chair porn post. I have a chair fetish you see, and have a hard time not bringing home a cool chair every now and then. And because I’m feeling a bit guilty for not having blogged last Sunday and wanting to spend the evening with my husband off the computer for a change, I thought I’d just slap up some chair porn for your viewing pleasure.

Elle Decoration (South Africa)


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Oksana needs your help

Posted on Wed, 6 Oct 2010 by KiM

We received a request for help recently from Oksana: “I’m struggling in decorating living area in my townhouse. Basically, my living room is a loft type/open space with the kitchen area at the end. I have a sofa (contemporary) and would like to buy a chair (or chairs) or something else that will provide more seating space, look interesting, and feel comfortable. I’d appreciate any ideas and suggestions.” Photos of Oksana’s space are below, and my suggestions are after the jump.

I would suggest something low and not too big to keep the open feel of the room. Here are a few I love from Ikea and DWR (click the photo to find out more):

Consider checking eBay or thrift shops like Jo and I love to do because you can find some great stuff for CHEAP! Here are 2 chairs Jo found recently on eBay (I think) that I think would be perfect:


If anyone has any suggestions for Oksana please leave a comment!