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It takes alot for me to get excited about Christmas decor (maybe because I am bitter that I can’t do much with all these damn cats around to destroy everything), but when I stumbled upon the portfolio of London based stylist/designer Sophie Brown, it took about 5 milliseconds. OMG! OMG! OMG! These first 3 photos in particular are soooo magical. And if you aren’t into holiday decor I threw in some regular stuff because it’s pretty fabulous too.

Photos: James Merrell, Jonathan West, Polly Wreford, Damien Russell, Simon Bevan, Kristin Perers, Paul Massey, Beth Evans,

Moody Scandinavian

Posted on Thu, 2 Jun 2016 by midcenturyjo

White walls seem to be getting a bad rap this days. All those insipid white walls. There is nothing washed-out about this Swedish apartment though. Moody greys add depth and character, acting as a foil to all the Scandi white. A small 32 m2 home with style and personality recently sold by Stockholm real estate brokers Historiska Hem.

Christmas at Inside Out

Posted on Wed, 25 Nov 2015 by midcenturyjo

One month till… cough, cough, gurgling noise in the back of the throat… Christmas. There I said it. Christmas. Christmas! CHRISTMAS! That’s me screaming. Why does the year slide past for quickly? Why does it feel like I packed away last year’s Christmas decorations only yesterday? Perhaps because there are still a couple of snow-dusted bottle brush trees sitting on the top shelf where I can’t reach them without some effort and no one has noticed and I convinced myself months ago that they go with the decor. No hiding from the encroaching holiday season now. Oh no! The monthly email from Inside Out magazine’s Managing Editor Lee Tran Lam has dropped into my inbox and (insert Bing Crosby crooning) “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”.

I’ve got for you the cover story, which is about the Christmas-friendly home of cook and food stylist Mish Lilley. She’s already got a head start on creating holiday-worthy dishes, given her recipe-savvy background (we feature some of her festive feast suggestions in the mag). But the fact she has a pretty amazing kitchen doesn’t hurt – she is definitely in no danger of running out of bench space (check out that lavish marble island she has to prep from!). How great is this bright strip of storage mounted along her ceiling-high mirrored splashback, too? It’s definitely the kind of dream kitchen you could imagine on a TV cooking show. Also, the rest of her home is pretty appealing, too – from the ensuite’s black clawfoot bath with that postcard-perfect view of the cactus springing from her garden to the pegboard-like fun of her children’s bedroom. I hope you enjoy seeing all these great corners of her home. Styling by Heather Nette King. Food styling by Mish Lilley. Photography by Mark Roper.

Can’t wait to flick through the pages of the December issue out tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get my Christmas mojo on. Don’t fret if you aren’t in Australia though. You can read along on  ZinioGoogle Play, the Apple Newsstand and Nook.

October 21… too soon for Christmas! There seems to be an insidious spread of all things “ho-ho-ho” across the land. My response has been “la-la-la I can’t see/hear you” until an email from Inside Out magazine’s Managing Editor Lee Tran Lam popped into my inbox.

It’s a headspin to think that our November issue is nearly on our doorstep (out Thursday, actually!) and it’s an earlybird look at Christmas. I know, I know, it seems too soon, right? But the holiday season has a funny way of sneaking up when you least expect it, so maybe it’s better to be over-prepared than to be feeling crushed with stress as Christmas Eve speeds upon arrival?

As inspiration, I’m sending you the incredibly laidback home that features on our cover. It’s a Mornington Peninsula beach house – and it took the owners a year to find it. They picked up the keys on Anzac Day and resolved to be hosting Christmas guests by the year’s end. And incredibly their builder did the most surprising thing – he finished the project on the exact date that he promised he would, on December 1. (I know, crazy right?) You can see how it would be a great backdrop for holiday celebrations – it’s really lovely and open and family-friendly. No one is tripping over Christmas presents in this house! Styling by Heather Nette King. Photography by Armelle Habib.

Love the house and the whole relaxed, beachy Christmas vibe. So Aussie. Can’t wait to see more. Maybe when the November issue hits the stands on Thursday it won’t be “la-la-la” anymore but “tra-la-la-lala” instead. Don’t fret if you aren’t in Australia though. You can read along on  ZinioGoogle Play, the Apple Newsstand and Nook.


Bah humbug round 2

Posted on Mon, 16 Dec 2013 by midcenturyjo

Any closer to getting into the Christmas spirit? I’m still floundering. Here is my next attempt at getting my holiday mojo back. Introducing my vintage book Christmas tree stack. Now my decorations amount to candles in brass sticks and old books. You’ll be pleased to know that for safety sake they are in different rooms 😉