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I love it when designers embrace their creativity and develop really unconventional spaces without boundaries. This home may be modern and polished but it has such character and whimsy in some subtle and not-so-subtle doses. Mona Ross Berman may have gone where no designer has gone before, but she rocked this project.

Colour + glam

Posted on Wed, 13 Nov 2019 by KiM

Colour + pattern + texture + glam finishes in a house that is exquisite to begin with = this stunning project by Bailey Austin Bird. I’m dying over that marble foyer floor.

Photos: Laurey Glenn

Colour blocking in a Moscow apartment

Posted on Wed, 13 Nov 2019 by KiM

For an architecture and design firm that typically only creates spaces in black, white and grey, this 80 sq m apartment in Moscow was quite a departure. A.T.Ø (Architecture Technology Objects) Studio went a little crazy with red, pink, green and blue in this project and I’m digging the outcome. It is as bold as they come, and alot of fun.

Colours and patterns, and more colours and patterns in this Tulsa, Oklahoma home designed by Mel Bean Interiors. This could not be more bold and unexpected in what appears to be a fairly traditional home. I applaud Mel for bringing on the sass and breaking all the rules with this project.

Photos: Kacey Gilpin

Reader’s home

Posted on Fri, 8 Nov 2019 by midcenturyjo

Kim and I get to share some of the most inspirational homes from around the world but the best homes of all are our readers’ homes. I loved it when long time follower Jagoda Owczarek from Gdańsk, Poland sent us photos of the home she shares with her husband, 3 children and cat. Design has always been her passion and now having completed her studies she has opened her own business O!studio. If her stylish home is anything to go by then she will have nothing but success.