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An artful and collected style

Posted on Mon, 5 Jul 2021 by midcenturyjo

Balanced, acquired and intentional. That’s the mantra of Los Angeles-based interior design studio Transition State. Laid back luxury with a distinct California style.

Colourful Parisian chic

Posted on Thu, 1 Jul 2021 by midcenturyjo

I had to share one more project from Paris-based RMGB, a colourful and oh so chic apartment in Versailles. Notice though the colour comes from art and furniture. The shell is whitest of white helping those colours pop.

Photography by Matthieu Salvaing

Cloud Parade

Posted on Thu, 1 Jul 2021 by midcenturyjo

“This stunning home was tired and unloved and required a major refresh to enliven it for holiday guests. The interior of the house needed to complement the magnificence of the view.”

Don’t fight it, enhance it. Josie Simpson of Altus Design Studio loves colour, texture and pattern. In this Blue Mountains house (to the west of Sydney) her approach has been a joyful play of these design elements that don’t detract from the “elephant outside the room” but rather enhances the experience inside.

An elegant apartment in Lambersart

Posted on Tue, 29 Jun 2021 by midcenturyjo

Blessed with the beautiful bones of a 1940s apartment Parisian-based RMGB have created a magical home in the very northern commune of Lambersart.  A neutral colour palette allows original features like a two-storey stained glass window and its accompanying staircase to shine. The mix of contemporary furniture and pieces from the 60s and 70s is chic in the way that only the French can be truly chic.

Photography by Matthieu Salvaing

Light-filled yet moody the Hamburg home of interior designer, stylist and photographer Peter Fehrentz is a sophisticated oasis in the bustling city. Beautiful high windows and a sense of space, of volume, are the starting point for the masculine yet layered and considered apartment.