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Nestled in the picturesque Berkshire countryside, this Rectory home has a story to tell. Emma Milne Interiors were entrusted to infuse fresh life into this historic gem. The scope of work included the heart of the home – kitchen, pantry, utility and boot rooms. It was all about balancing modern functionality with period charm. Bold colour, the quirks and original surfaces of this old space, the organic textures. With British Standard Cupboards they crafted a timeless kitchen that marries style and substance. The result? A vibrant, functional gem.

Photography by Hana Snow.

A New York oasis

Posted on Thu, 7 Sep 2023 by midcenturyjo

Light-filled and colourful. Modern behind its traditional brick facade. Open plan yet with private spaces. It’s a house of opposites that work perfectly together creating an oasis in New York’s hustle and bustle. East Village Residence by Britt and Damian Zunino of Studio DB.

Photography by Matthew Williams.

A riverside renovation

Posted on Tue, 5 Sep 2023 by midcenturyjo

This riverside home on the outskirts of London underwent a meticulous renovation, striking a balance between urban and rural living. The restoration respected the building’s historical charm while adapting it for a young family’s weekend escape. A light-filled orangery extension now functions as a serene living space with garden and river views. The house features a library and an Art Deco-style bar in previously awkward spaces. Glazed ceramic floor tiles play with light, while a rich colour palette sets unique moods in each room. The garden connects harmoniously with the river, offering terraced lawns, a boat jetty, an outdoor kitchen, and a scenic pergola for dining and relaxation. The Riverside House by Nicola Harding.

Luxe modern by the beach

Posted on Tue, 5 Sep 2023 by midcenturyjo

“Paying homage to the design eras of the past, Fletcher House sees the revival of classic pieces in a contemporary manner, evoking a feeling of nostalgia in the home setting. Funky forms in unexpected moments add a layer of playfulness to this Tamarama residence and creates a juxtaposition between the earthy, textural qualities inspired by the beach and the urban sophistication of an inner city dwelling. Designed for memories to be made and relaxation to be met.”

Classic with a modern twist mixing beachy vibes with city chic. Think stylish living with a party vibe. Fletcher House by Sydney-based architecture and interior designer collective SE DÉA.

Photography by Dave Wheeler.

Grand Plan

Posted on Fri, 1 Sep 2023 by midcenturyjo

The house exudes an artisanal, textured allure echoing the wild, relaxed beauty of central Provence. Paris-based designer Diego Delgado-Elias has transformed the centuries-old home by employing rough plaster walls, woven raffia and a mix of rustic antiques and contemporary designs. The colour palette is earthy, the feel artisan. Grand plan by Diego Delgado-Elias.

Photography by Matthieu Salvaing.