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Simon Griffiths

Posted on Mon, 12 Nov 2012 by midcenturyjo

Natural light. That lovely filtered light that wakes you through the filmy curtains. The strong shaft of bright light that moves across your kitchen table as the day ages. It’s warm and sweet, soft and welcoming. I love to see rooms captured in natural light. Like a beautiful face without makeup. Real and lovely. No artifice, loads of personality. I’m really liking photographer Simon Griffith‘s photographs. The rooms are welcoming and gentle. No special effects. Just beautiful spaces captured beautifully.

Andrea Chu

Posted on Tue, 6 Nov 2012 by KiM

Andrea Chu is an amazing photographer whose photos are simple yet powerful. She captures the spirit of each space, whether dark and moody or bright and airy. And I love that she started into the business by stealing her brother’s camera one afternoon to capture an afternoon of skateboarding and never returned it. 🙂

I know it is wrong for a woman now in her 50s (just… just) to get all cutsie pie over little white worker’s cottages but I can’t help it. I always want to pinch their chubby little house cheeks and muss up their curls. Maybe because this one has a touch of gingerbread trimmings. I know I would like to drink some tea with the owners at that table up close by the chimney. Just keep that weird expanding hallway well away from me. It’s like a bad trip or more like a bad camera angle. For sale here in Malvern, Melbourne while the link lasts.

Sticks and stones

Posted on Tue, 16 Oct 2012 by midcenturyjo

Rising from the grass, shaded by a stand of trees is a simple beach house celebrating its surroundings and the lifestyle of surf and sand, sun and fun with family and friends. This is simple building within a short walk of the sea but in its simplicity, its pared back state is the essence of casual days, a slower time and pace. Life is a beach after all and the design team at Martín Gómez Arquitectos are no beach bums when it comes to the perfect seaside retreat. Over the next few days I will be sharing more from Martín Gómez. In the seaside town of Punta del Este, Uruguay he has been slowly designing and building a relationship with this beautiful part of the world. A relationship that embraces site and nature, the built environment and natural environment. Each home will be different but always with a common thread. (You can see my previous post on Martín Gómez here.)

Gissling House, Wahroonga, Sydney. Described as a modest domestic work by Harry Seidler. Untouched by time and fads, developer or the market. As perfect as the day it was completed in 1972. Definitely not modest. To me a suburban jewel of modernism. For sale. I wish I could be so lucky to call this home. Link here while it lasts.