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Gray Organschi

Posted on Wed, 11 Jul 2012 by KiM

The firm of Gray Organschi Architecture is based in New Haven, Connecticut has a portfolio that is total eye candy and such a wide variety of randomness. They’ve designed a footbridge, a storage barn, a firehouse converted into a music studio, a converted church, garden pavillions (VERY cool; see last three photos of this post) and many more. Here are some of my favourite of their residential work.

Secrest Architecture

Posted on Wed, 4 Jul 2012 by KiM

Steve of Tuscon’s Secrest Architecture heard about our blog from his nephew who’s a follower of our wee blog and provided us some photos and details of one his projects. I love the mid-century vibe and indoor/outdoor blending together.

The Silvertree residence is a study in how a small, dated, closed in and inwardly focused residence can be revived into an inspiring modern space that interacts with the outdoors. The wonderful climate of the Sonoran desert, and the opportunity for indoor-outdoor living, was ignored in the previous floor plan of this vaguely Mediterranean 1970s home. A new multi-functional space, and a remodeled kitchen and dining room, all revolve around a new three-sided fireplace. These new spaces allow the rest of the existing house to be connected with the exterior. The garage was relocated, creating better access in and out of the garage and allowing the rest of the rear of the house to open to the exterior. The new garage acts as a showplace for the owners beloved restored 1970 Citroen DS. A pantry was added between living areas and the new garage creating a transitional space and extra storage for the new kitchen. Mullion less butt-jointed glazing was used on the north facade to strengthen the connectivity with the outdoors and provide unfettered views. Large retractable screens concealed in the ceiling provide privacy and solar control when needed.


Posted on Thu, 1 Dec 2011 by KiM

Think I can convince my husband that we need one of these suspended wood stoves in our third floor office/media room? Love the wood cart too!

via John Werich

This reader request was sent in a while ago by Kristina: My mother is really struggling with adding a wall of built in shelving around her fireplace in her living room. I told her I would try to find some inspiring reference photographs. She wants to add a wall of bookcase shelving around the (brick) fireplace, hoping to put the TV above the fireplace. I suggested some double doored cabinets to put the DVD player surround sound etc. The room has HIGH ceilings so the bookcase wall would go all the way up, pretty vast. There is also a slanted ceiling, which is driving her crazy. I suggested a decorative round piece on the top shelf to tie in the slant. Any pictures would be helpful!! I am so glad Kristina added in that last sentence because despite looking at hundreds of photos of living rooms, I could not find any photos that were perfect for her mom’s dilemma. Instead I grabbed all sorts of photos simply of built-in bookcases/shelving around fireplaces to hopefully help with ideas – and for anyone else looking to provide storage around a fireplace.

the selby


Jerry Jacobs Design

Nathan Egan

Colombe Stevens

Warren Heath

Dana Wolter

Fawn Galli

Insight Design Inc.

John Lum Architecture

Marie Claire Italy

Marie Claire Maison

Markham Roberts

Apartment Therapy

Nathan Egan

New York Spaces

Oak Management

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The London Magazine

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Amanda Nisbet

Reader request – kitchens with fireplaces

Posted on Fri, 14 Jan 2011 by KiM

Stacey sent us in a reader request I wanted to tackle today and while it’s quite brief, I found it intriguing: “Hi! I’m not sure if you’ve done this one, but I’d love to see kitchen fireplaces…..thanks!” Easy enough request, but I immediately began to wonder how many photos I’d find of kitchens with fireplaces. I think it’s a bit odd to have a fireplace in a kitchen, which tends to be one of the warmest rooms in the house (if you cook that is). Although the more photos I found in my stash the more I thought how fab it would be to have a fireplace to make a kitchen even cosier. I’m sold!

Marie Claire Italy Sköna hem
Domino Sköna hem
Per Magnus Persson Adriano Bacchella
Sköna hem Hus & Hem

Elle Deco Spain


Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem

Tracey Butler

Hus & Hem

Michael Robinson

Skelton Harris Interiors

The Selby

Tim Clinch

Hus & Hem

House of Pictures

Marie Claire Maison