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The un-Hamptons Hamptons

Posted on Mon, 16 Dec 2019 by midcenturyjo

In the design lexicon when did the “Hamptons” become a pejorative? We all shudder and nod knowingly when confronted by a home that has been inappropriately “Hamptonised” but what happens when you actually live in the Hamptons and want a new take on the beachy, nautical themed, cliched blue and white riff that all your neighbours (and half the world) are rocking. Perhaps a little boho, retro with a dash of mid century and a pop of pink. Perhaps a stylish home just like this East Hampton one by Purveyor Design.



Restoration of a Regency villa

Posted on Thu, 12 Dec 2019 by midcenturyjo

The Regency villa had seen better days, sadly divided into 3 flats with clumsy additions and awkward spaces. Enter London-based interior designers Harding & Read who created a family home with all the mod cons while retaining its historic proportions and details. Atmospheric with its own sense of place the home feels like it has evolved over generations not resurrected recently.


Yes it’s a trophy house. Large by Australian stanards, luxury finishes, swimming pool and desirable address but it has one thing that is really tickling my fancy. A circlular window or should I say circular cutout in a part wall/part staircase in a wall of glass. I love the geometry, the drama. Real estate stalking in Melbourne’s Kew. Link here while it lasts.

What do you get when you refurbish an apartment with great historic bones but the client wants modern minimalism? Why a stunning home with a contemporary edge and fabulous features from the past. I love the exposed brick walls juxtaposed with sleek industrial finishes and that wedding cake Art Noveau cornice contrasting with the simple plank walls. What do you think of the two part kitchen? By Madrid-based architectural and development studio Abaton with interiors by Batavia.

Photography by Belén Imaz

Saltwater Residence

Posted on Mon, 2 Dec 2019 by midcenturyjo

“Saltwater Lane represents a Seattle area client’s desire for a vacation home where friends and family can come together to enjoy the beauty of the San Juan Islands. Interesting textures and a watery palette inspired by the inlet behind the home lend way to a respite from city life.”

A stylish getaway to kick start your week by Seattle-based interior designer Kylee Shintaffer.