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Posted on Tue, 4 Oct 2011 by KiM

I love everything about this space. Black and white main colour scheme, graphic art, little bits of orange, large coffee table for vignetting….

This view isn’t so great because those pouffy stools are kind of hideous but the rest rocks.

{Vogue.comphotographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank}

Reader request – sectional sofas

Posted on Fri, 27 May 2011 by KiM

Today’s reader request comes from Agata: I am 30 year’s old polish girl leaving in Norway. Together with my husband, we’re thinking of building a house. We don’t have a land and a house yet, but for the moment I am concentrating on floors and sofas. Don’t ask me why – just because :> And here is the best lime green color I have found so far for my best ever sofa :> The above sofa is not the size and shape I desire. I would like to have a huuuuuge lime green (not leather) sofa. And that lead me to idea of asking You girls of writing  a nice post about huge/corner not-too-much-sophisticated but practical sofas. I am REALLY hoping to be able to fit a sectional sofa in my new living room (when it’s built) so I was stoked to search these out in my huge stash of photos. Since Agatha mentioned lime, huge and corner I tried to find photos with sofas in that combination (but only found a few in lime). The first photo caught my eye but it turned out to not be a sectional….but I adore the space and colours in particular so I had to include it.

Sköna hem

Richard Powers


Joe Schmelzer

House To Home

Fung + Blatt Architects

Gregory Phillips Architects

Katarina Malmström Brown



Shelton, Mindel & Associates

The Selby

Vårt Nya Hem

Bolig Magasinet


MR Architecture + Decor

Marie Claire Italy


Reader request – patterned sofas

Posted on Fri, 29 Apr 2011 by KiM

We received this reader request some time ago from Charly: I am considering a new sofa that is covered with a crazy printed fabric.  It is totally amazing but also quite intimidating for me in my small rental apartment that I am just beginning to decorate. Before I take the plunge, I am trying to find images of printed couches to help me decide if I can make it work.  Do you have any images of sofas and couches with colorful and/or busy prints on them for inspiration? Since it’s been so long Charly has likely already chosen her sofa but I was curious to see what photos I could find in my stash of patterned sofas, as they certainly are not everyone’s first choice for such a substantial piece of furniture. But why not – you only live once!

Elle Decor

Hus & Hem

Todd Alexander Romano

Hus & Hem

At Home Interior Design


George Seper

Jonamor Decor

Katie Ridder


Luca Trovato

Nicolas Tosi

rue magazine

Sally Conran

Todd Alexander Romano

Sarah Kaye Kristen Buckingham
Canadian House & Home Australian House & Garden

Reader request – slipcovered sofas

Posted on Thu, 17 Feb 2011 by KiM

Today’s reader request is from Bonnie: i saw the ‘casually draped sofas‘ but i was wondering about slipcovered sofas. can they be chic? i have very young kids and i love white and cream sofas. dilemma. so i’m thinking my only options are leather or slipcovered sofas? am i right? can you do an entry on this? thanks. I have cats not kids so I’m no expert on sofas that are kid-friendly but I think your best options would be as you mentioned, slipcovered or leather. I think you should go for a white slipcovered one – that way you can throw the cover in the wash with some bleach if the kids decide to dump a glass of fruit juice draw you some pictures on it. Below are some photos mostly of white slipcovered (at least they look like it) sofas with a few cream ones and a couple dark colours thown in for the hell of it. Hope this helps!


Sköna hem

Hus & Hem

Sköna hem

Sköna hem


Apartment Therapy design*sponge





Family Living

Jan Eleni

Le Journal de la Maison

Le Journal de la Maison

Happy Homes


I have gotten a few reader requests lately having to do with televisions and how to decorate around them and make them less of an eye-sore. There are all sorts of ideas below – hide it within built-in shelving, wallpaper the wall behind it (or paint it black), place it on top of a hot pink credenza as a distraction, hang art around it (like I did)…..and at the end of the post is an example of what NOT TO DO.


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my living room

Apartment Therapy



And PULEASE for the love of gawd DO NOT DO THIS: