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Stalking a concept

Posted on Wed, 15 Nov 2017 by midcenturyjo

I’m in Amsterdam stalking a development site. A raw shell, gutted, rough and ready with jackhammered walls and neon surveyor’s marks… and I love it. I’ve included the computer generated renderings of the proposed apartment but is it wrong of me to love the romance of the raw and turn my back on the slick and chic of the new? (OK, OK I’d like a better mattress and perhaps a bathroom and kitchen but don’t dismiss my daydream out of hand.) You can see more here. Via DSTRCT.

I’ve always fantasized about living in any number of my favourite shops. Just curl up in the display bed after the door have closed for the day. Could you? Would you? Absolutely no problem moving into this Amsterdam loft space (a converted garage) with a stylish atelier at the front and an equally sensational living space at the back. Very public during business hours but a wall of vintage windows can be closed off to provide security if not privacy when needed. 230 sqm of bright, white and light loft for sale here.

I wanted to share this awesome warehouse conversion in London that has a bit of a twist. Someone clearly had a lot of time on their hands….and a lot of foam. The foam clouds likely help with the acoustics in the space, so it works double duty. I think it’s a pretty cool art installment, and I would totally live with it no problem if I could have this loft. That much space, with up to 30′ ceiling heights, and my cats would have a blast tearing around and trying to climb the foam. Available as a location property through Shoot Factory.

Flatiron Loft

Posted on Wed, 6 Sep 2017 by KiM

At first I was drawn by the large windows. Then I realised they had be picked out in black paint to contrast with the grey walls only to have it dawn on me that it was grey plaster beautifully polished on those walls. Momentarily distracted by the black chandelier hanging from the ceiling my gaze settled on the wood floors. Speaking of floors did you see the floor tiles? Tiles? OMG the powder room and that kitchen and the archway with the cat. Stop it! That bathroom is outrageous. Flatiron loft by Frances Mildred.

Loft love

Posted on Thu, 27 Jul 2017 by KiM

Let’s play a game. Close your eyes. Now imagine your perfect New York loft apartment. Open your eyes and voilà this is it isn’t it? Well it is for me. Great Jones by Union Studio.