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A peaceful family getaway

Posted on Tue, 17 Mar 2020 by midcenturyjo

Love the idea of staying a some of Australia’s best homes with 24-7 concierge service? Want  a 5-star hotel experience in the comfort of a private home? I’m in if it means a family getaway to this 5 bedroom property on the beautiful coastal country of Victoria’s south-eastern Mornington Peninsula. The relaxed outdoor lifestyle features a luxurious pool, pizza oven, courtyard and manicured lawns. Inside it’s all about the free flowing open plan. Close to beaches, wineries and bushland we could definitely make a weekend of it. Stokes via LUXICO, the home hotel.


An explosive mixture

Posted on Mon, 16 Mar 2020 by KiM

Another wonderfully unique project by architecture firm Marcante Testa that I had to share.
The house was, and is, a stratification of styles and materials that represent the lives of the previous inhabitants including General Candido Sobrero twin brother of Ascanio (inventor of nitroglycerin) which was followed in the early twentieth century by Countess Costanza Arminjon, the one who sold part of the property to the grandparents of the current owners, a pair of twins of whom only one decided to live there. It has long been our desire to create an interior where we can maintain and enhance these past elements by making them a collection of memories, materials and feelings. This proposal met favorably the client’s desire to preserve that family atmosphere which reminds him of his childhood spent with his brother in his grandparents’ house.
Starting from the entrance, the metal structure, which characterizes the external staircase, returns as a connecting element between the various rooms and, to define new furnishings and functions and at the same time, surrounds the old wallpapers, and the wall lamp, also it is the object of the past. A strip of resin connects the kitchen, entrance and living area to take us to the bathroom area where the plain color contrasts with the designs of the old ceramic tiles. In the living area, the original wood have been preserved inside which new furnishings are inserted such as the small theater with its curtains that hides the TV. Also in this room, the metal structure frames the old wallpapers and becomes a false ceiling, coffee table and dividing wall. 

Photos: Carola Ripamonti

La mesure du temps

Posted on Mon, 16 Mar 2020 by KiM

Each and every project by Italian architecture firm Marcante Testa completely blows my mind. I guarantee you will not see their colour combinations nor the attention to details they include in their projects. For example, in this Paris apartment renovation check out the ceiling embellishment in the first photo. And the arch of the doorway in photo 5. BLOWING. MY. MIND. And I nearly dropped dead when I spotted the kitchen. It is almost as tiny and similar in layout to mine and will for sure be used as inspiration when I get around to renovating mine.

Photos: Carola Ripamonti

Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Posted on Sun, 15 Mar 2020 by KiM

Kelly Wearstler is a force to be reckoned with, and one of her latest projects, the Santa Monica Proper hotel, is really something else. I would looooooove to tour this in person. It is a bit subdued in colours then she normally chooses but of course, she nailed it. The landmark building is this beautiful Spanish colonial revival style, built in the late 1920s. The hotel was thoughtfully restored and refreshed, its original rich materiality and architectural moorish details served as inspiration for the overall design. The contemporary, modern building is more monolithic in nature and a great canvas for layering with textures – natural materials, stone wood, plaster. The hotel’s palette is nature-inspired and earthy, raw materials and organic textures, art and landscape bring a rich sensory feeling in to the hotel. Wearstler intentionally worked with local artists and artisans to bring a true localized experience within the spaces.

Courtyard house

Posted on Thu, 12 Mar 2020 by KiM

This Manhattan Beach house has everything you could want if modern is what you’re into. And I am into this! By ras-a studioThe home owners, both from Brazil, wanted an open floor plan with a strong connection to outdoor spaces that would remind them of home.Guests enter along a pathway that takes them through a courtyard before entering the home. Dictated by the geometry of the lot, the courtyard’s concrete masonry wall—which is just high enough to block outside views from the street while allowing in the southern sunlight—tucks under a cantilevered second floor, transitioning from courtyard to building wall. Rotating selected masonry units so they protrude from the face of wall to create succulent planters gives the wall texture and life. Two sets of sliding pocket doors seamlessly connect the courtyard to the open-concept ground level and then again to the patio and pool—which was carved out an existing backyard hillside. The bedrooms and private sectors are located on the second floor.

Photography: Joe Fletcher