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Casa Rubens

Posted on Wed, 6 Sep 2023 by KiM

Comprehensive rehabilitation of a single-storey house located at the foot of Monte Abantos, in San Lorenzo del Escorial. Conceived as a weekend home for a young couple from Madrid with two children, it takes the summer homes of Cadaqués from the 1950s as a reference. The premise was to create a warm and welcoming home, where in addition to recreating a subtle idea of what we understand as the Mediterranean, color was the other protagonist. Color as the guiding thread of a house that is designed to host friends and artistic presentations on a regular basis. The new distribution divides the volume in two, giving rise to a double-height unitary space that houses the living room-dining room-kitchen, and a study on the mezzanine that is accessed through a sculptural spiral staircase. The other half of the volume houses three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small double-height distributor that allows direct interaction with the mezzanine and its natural lighting.
Once again, an inspiring and dramatically colourful project by Estudio Reciente. Photos: Asier Rua.

I don’t know what it is about designers in Spain, particularly Madrid, but WOW they are some of the most brave and creative people out there and create some of the most unique and colourful spaces I have ever seen. Had someone showed me a couple of these photos without saying a word I would have guessed this was in Madrid. This is the courageous and vibrant home of designer Carlos Tomás of Estudio Reciente. Photos: German Saiz

Casa Tropicale

Posted on Thu, 17 Aug 2023 by KiM

If a mid-century modern home had a baby with Jonathan Adler, had an affair with Kelly Wearstler, and then her granny showed up to the party – the result is this eclectic and extremely fun home designed by Jamie Bush. Photos: Stephen Kent Johnson; styling: Michael Reynolds (for Architectural Digest).

Highland minimalism

Posted on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 by midcenturyjo

“Highland House is a contemporary, new-build holiday home in the Highlands of Scotland, designed with Tektonika Architects. The interior design roots the building in its setting, while also offering protection from it – this is a place of extreme weather and beautiful vistas of a loch.

Design details reflect the home’s use as a place to escape, unwind and be at one with nature. Minimalism meets cosiness in a material palette that includes chunky concrete with exposed aggregate, warm Douglas fir wood, handmade zelliges and flattish-toned encaustic tiles, and textiles that are comforting to touch. Everything is built on a palette of green, yellow, navy, pink and brown (the sludgy versions), allowing the rooms to bleed into the land they overlook.”

Harmonious living with nature-inspired interiors. Highland House by Jill Macnair.

Photography by Beth Evans.

The owners’ love of contemporary living and outstanding art collection informed this stunning renovation of a Parisian neoclassical apartment by Le Berre Vevaud. A pared-back colour palette and clean-lined insertions into the historic shell ensure elegant, modern rooms. The focus is on balance, detail and modern beauty.

Photography by Stephan Julliard.