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For the top floor of a classical and stately Edwardian in the iconic neighborhood of Pacific Heights- perched 400 ft above sea level, we transformed one wing into a private Primary Suite complete with a bedroom lined with linen walls, travertine-clad bathroom, and walk-in closet. The other wing became a cozy Media Room where the family of 4 can hang out regularly and enjoy views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
Architectural design studio HOMEWORK created drama with colour, statement furnishings and finishes in these spaces that really make me want to chill out, lounge in bed and brush my teeth in style! Photos: Nicole Franzen; Styling: Rosy Fridman.

A colourful and eclectic Cotswolds cottage

Posted on Tue, 24 Oct 2023 by KiM

This drop dead gorgeous cottage in the Cotswolds is the weekend home of designer/decorator couple Duncan Campbell and Luke Edward Hall. Full of colour, exuberance, whimsy, and an unparalleled eclecticism, this home is so freaking fabulous I can hardly stand it. If you ever thought about getting a second home thinking it would be a great excuse to try out colours that you don’t have the nerve to use in your primary home, here is proof that you need to make that happen! (Though as you will see in an upcoming post, this talented duo went as crazy with colour in their primary residence). Photos: Miguel Flores-Vianna & Billal Taright.

A Georgian house in Westminster

Posted on Fri, 22 Sep 2023 by KiM

A stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament, on one of the finest early Georgian streets in London, is this beautiful pair of houses that in 1906 had been combined to form a single dwelling. We remodelled the whole house, moving the kitchen and bathrooms, restoring the staircase, putting back panelling, replacing walls that had been taken down. The interiors are intentionally simple, drawing on the original early 18th century character of the rooms, but with a playful sense of pattern, and a palimpsest of history, running through its veins.  We used extensive fabrics and papers from Watts of Westminster, Morris & Co and Robert Kime in developing a palette of soft, calm greys, taupes and greens, with splashes of burned red, yellow and Prussian blue throughout. The garden was completely remodelled by Pip Morrison and we designed a metal glasshouse at the corner of the garden which catches the rays of the evening sun.
Another timeless beauty designed by Ben Pentreath, where I could move right in as it is with simply my clothes, the husband and cats.

Hannah Pemberton of WANDA transformed a 2700 sq ft Arts and Crafts home in the English seaside town of Margate that had fallen into disrepair into a contemporary, colourful space for her and her family. The unique colours used in just-the-right-dose-so-not-to-be-overwhelming ways are really refreshing and spirited. Photos: Chris Snook for Domino.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the ‘Joyous Home’ project is the choice of a colour palette. Because in this renovation project colour is the protagonist. Our interest has focused on breathing new life into this property included on the protected heritage building list of the town. The original house, designed very early in the 20th century, is the result of the introduction of Modernisme… Few alterations had been made to the original house. Perhaps the most significant is the loss of the original kitchen facilities. In response, we have designed the room with a simple but expressive approach, which dialogues naturally with the originality of the house and at the same time it is functional from current demands. The original cupboard has been rescued, lacquered in red, in front of the new pine structure that supports the minimal elements of the kitchen.
This home in Castro Urdiales, Spain is SOOOO much fun, and I adore the bold colour choices that come together in really unique ways that adds a ton of interest. By Cristina Acha & Miguel Zaballa of Acha Zabella Arquitectos; photos: Luis Díaz Díaz