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Monday’s pets on furniture

Posted on Mon, 17 Aug 2009 by KiM

Hello my name is Victoria. I’m obsessed with your blog. I just moved to Pittsburgh, PA. I have a new loft and refer to your blog several times a day for help. I also have two Italian Greyhounds named Martini (black coat) and Rossi (tan coat). They live on all my furniture and I have tons of photos. I find them to be the perfect accessories. I thought you would enjoy. Thanks for all the inspiration!!!


I had to show off my little man to you. His name is Louie and he likes to sit behind on the ratton couch I have in the Florida room. I’m usually sewing when he sits back there. But he is so damn cute.


I began reading Desire to Inspire when we bought our Brooklyn co-op apartment and began DIY home renovations. I love the “pets on furniture” posts and couldn’t help but send mine along. This is Olive the Boston Bulldogge in a vintage Danish lounge.


A friend came for a week’s working visit last summer and she brought her cat: a very mature, laid-back guy. Max. aka “King of the Sofa”. He just settled right in, made himself at home. He’s still kicking around at 19 years of age. Not bad, eh?


I thought you might like these 🙂 The dogs are my friends dogs and the cats are mine. The dogs names are Moo (the white one) and Mr. Jones (the brown one) and cats are Suki and Jack.


I wanted to send you a picture of my beloved Sheltie Stirling, sitting on his favorite spot – my new chaise by the front window, where he spends his days watching the world go by. And because you’re a decorating blog, I thought you just may be interested in the rest of the space – I did some major redecorating (with little $$) & repurposing after buying my hubby a big flat plasma (most of the $$) and trying to make it look not so big. Stirling’s chaise was quite the find in the as-is of Ikea. I bought a simple white slipcover from them and dyed it the color & texture of my dreams! I’ve included a couple of pix, but I’ve also got 2 blog posts about this gargantuan task: “Books moved, entire house rearranged”, “Getting it Done”. Although this is done DIY and on a budget, I’m quite proud of the results! I actually spend more time in the living room with my hubby, and changing the dining room into a music room has made practice time for my family much more enjoyable!


I live in Seattle with 2 lovely cats that we rescued from shelters. They are wonderful family members and so good with the kids. There is a lot of love going around here!
1) Smurfie, our shy girl, has chosen this chair as “her” favorite spot. (One of my friends once asked me if I had picked Smurfie to go with the decor of the house! No, she was picked because she is so incredibly sweet, people!)
2) Charlie again – now in the hallway. I love my Hicks wallpaper. He could really care less!

-Monika and Splendid Willow

Cats on a daybed

Posted on Thu, 29 Jan 2009 by KiM

Katia from Finland wrote this morning with the following: “Your recent post about the kittens in the sink inspired me to send you one of my favourite photos of my cats. Here two -of my five darlings- lounging on my daybed in front of Ikea Billy bookcases. And if you look closely, in the lower right corner you can also see what these darlings do to furniture…” WOW – someone with almost as many cats as I have! And Katia, your poor furniture – I always say they’re lucky they’re so cute…

Too cute to resist

Posted on Wed, 28 Jan 2009 by KiM

We here at DTI occasionally post photos of cute animals on furniture – because we love animals, and we love furniture. I just received an email from Katrina who had this to say: “Here is something you might like. I foster kittens for my local rescue – the Anti-Cruelty Society. I was cleaning the kittens room and put them in our tiny little apartment bathroom to keep them away from the vacuum. This is where they decided they were most comfortable. Enjoy!” I think fostering animals in need is a selfless wonderful thing and I want to thank Katrina for opening her home to rescued kittens. And who says a sink isn’t a piece of furniture? 😉

Not at all to do with interior design

Posted on Wed, 14 May 2008 by KiM

It’s official – I have lost my mind. I have 6 cats in my house. Yesterday I became a foster mom to a cat (I named him Felix) who’s been a fixture in my yard for the past few weeks. He went to the vets yesterday and has all sorts of health problems, but all treatable with antibiotics (PHEW!). I am fostering him through a FANTASTIC organization here in Ottawa called Friends of Abandoned Pets, who are graciously paying for all his medical bills. He has to live in my second bedroom until I get some test results back, so things are a little “hairy” at my house. 🙂 Pun intended. I wanted to post this because I am very grateful they are helping Felix and I hope they can find him a great home, especially since he turned out to be such an amazing cat. They are having their annual dog walk in a couple weekends so I thought I’d plug that too, because that would be a blast…and I may be their photographer. 🙂 So I’d like to introduce you to the newest (though hopefully temporary) member of my brood, Felix, one of the luckiest cats around.

Cat and chair

Posted on Fri, 30 Nov 2007 by midcenturyjo

Beautiful image of cat and equally beautiful chair from the portfolio of fabulous photographer Tria Giovan. Anyone with other pets on furniture? Terrapin on Tulip chair? Parrot on papasan?