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Friday has already finished for me. I’m 14 hours ahead of Kim. Sweet bliss to be finished with a working week and now I’m off to eat too much curry at a favourite local restaurant. Yum! So please excuse me if I just put together a quick stalking post. I’m still wandering the streets of Paddington in Sydney. Peering through virtual windows and daydreaming about how I’d rearrange things, a bit more colour here, a few more cushions there, change the rugs and art, more art. I do love the large blue artwork in the family dining room though and could easily live with that courtyard. Dream on girl! Go on… what would you change? Is it perfect in its calmly elegant monotones or would you throw it all out and start again? Link here while it lasts.

House vs gallery

Posted on Thu, 13 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

This week’s real estate stalking sees me drooling over 4 storey Victorian mansion in St Kilda West, Melbourne. The house offers approximately 100 sqs of internal living, 6+ bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and magnificent formal and informal living zones retaining many original features – their words not mine. Located opposite St Kilda Pier and the beach and only a minute’s walk from Fitzroy and Acland Street. Stop it! I can’t take any more! But no they torture me with not only a vine covered facade but  the most amazing contemporary art collection. House vs gallery? There is no competition. If I had my way a house would always be a gallery as well. Link here while it lasts.


I couldn’t resist. When I find a new website it’s pillage and mayhem. Here are two more fabulous Swedish properties for sale through Eklund. The first a summer home on an island. Main house, pool, guest house and sauna out at the end of a jetty. Almost as stunning as the surrounds. Definitely house party material. The second home is a small apartment with clever use of space. A minimalist and well disguised kitchen (what do you think of the wall oven placement?), a large mirror to open up the space and a cool modern vibe. A perfect city pad especially if you knew the island home awaited you on weekends.

Here’s the weekday hang out 😉



Swedish eye candy

Posted on Tue, 4 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

What is it about Swedish homes and Swedish real estate websites? Look at this fabulous 2 level apartment. White, just enough old with new, obviously a great location, a balcony for more than just a couple of chairs… think party for all your friends, a brick wall to die for, cool spiral staircase (perhaps a liability with all those balcony parties) and lots of light shining in. Check out the wall of mirrors surrounding the flatscreen. Clever idea. I have a new real estate website to stalk, Eklund. Link for this apartment here. Prices will make your hair curl but it’s good to dream.

Stalking in Sydney

Posted on Wed, 28 Apr 2010 by midcenturyjo

Time to stalk Sydney with me. We are in my favourite hunting ground Paddington. Oh to be able to afford a home here! How about this grey one? Presenting a stylish but private face to the outside world, it’s what’s going on out the back that has all the drama. I can’t get enough of the black sunroom and the black deck is bliss. Join me for a cool drink and perhaps a splash in the pool? Life can be tough when out stalking! Link here while it lasts.