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Lush gardens of a Palo Alto historic home

Posted on Mon, 8 Jun 2020 by KiM

I am head over heels in love with the landscape design of this California home. The bold orange/red painted exterior accents really make everything pop and add a modern touch. Lush gardens hug this 1905 national historic register home in Palo Alto’s Professorville neighborhood. Vibrant homeowners wanted to create a landscape that engaged the neighborhood and featured layered gardens with a Bay Area sensibility. The landscape is now defined by a series of outdoor “rooms”, with flexibility for intimate family gatherings and large social events. Water-use is concentrated in the public facing areas of the site. Highlights include custom recirculating water features, hand-made clinker brick walls, a charming vegetable garden with custom chicken coop and mature perimeter plantings. Designed by Boxleaf Design.

In true Sasha Bikoff fashion, she has taken something ordinary and made it extraordinary. Ok, this “Garden State Revival House” in Newark, New Jersey isn’t exactly ordinary but it’s sooooo traditional on the outside that you would never in a million years expect to see rooms painted pink, yellow, green, red, purple, blue, teal, lime. The insanity!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Colour blocking in a Moscow apartment

Posted on Wed, 13 Nov 2019 by KiM

For an architecture and design firm that typically only creates spaces in black, white and grey, this 80 sq m apartment in Moscow was quite a departure. A.T.Ø (Architecture Technology Objects) Studio went a little crazy with red, pink, green and blue in this project and I’m digging the outcome. It is as bold as they come, and alot of fun.

A spicy pied à terre

Posted on Tue, 27 Aug 2019 by KiM

There are a few designers out there that never cease to amaze me with every single project they get their hands on. London designer Beata Heuman is at the top of the list. Her quirky, eclectic, completely unpredictable style that marries some of the most random colours and patterns together means you will have never seen this anywhere else and you will never see it duplicated. Though I want to pluck every space from her portfolio and stick it in my home. This Paddington pied à terre is a prime example.

Primary colours could not be cooler

Posted on Wed, 24 Jul 2019 by KiM

I never in a million years would have that I could fall this much in love with a home where the accent colours are red, blue and yellow. And this kitchen is now added to my top 5 favourites (don’t ask me what the other 4 are LOL). I am head over heels for this 5,200 sq ft penthouse apartment, formerly a hospital, located in the heart of West Village. Designed by Studio Shamshiri, photos by Shade Degges.