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And for a bit more of Tamsin Johnson‘s gorgeous and unique home. What appears to be the lower level hangout space with lounge spaces, bar, pool, library, and the loveliest bathroom. Just when you thought it could not get any better….

A timeless cottage

Posted on Tue, 15 Nov 2022 by midcenturyjo

“A stunning second home for a lovely semi-retired couple, their gorgeous dog and family and friends. With an easy open plan layout, improved areas of storage and a new cosy welcoming interior, this is now a cottage that will be very difficult to leave at the end of the weekend.”

With its timeless mix of natural materials, antiques and a subdued powdery paint scheme this cottage in Wiltshire explores texture, light and space. So calm, so inviting. Bedwyn House by Emma Milne Interiors.

Breathing new life

Posted on Thu, 3 Nov 2022 by midcenturyjo

“A renovation of a 1912 Villa to bring it into the 21st Century and make it comfortable for family life (after being a student flat for 25 years). Wall linings were replaced and repainted as was the kitchen, architraves and skirting were reinstated , heating/cooling was installed and the floors were painted.”

Breathing new life into a tired old home. Fresh, contemporary and fun. Further renovations are to come but what a great beginning. Sackville 2019 by Auckland-based Dessein Parke.

Photography by Sam Hartnett

I love this story…
Miss Rose contacted me from Philadelphia in the midst of pandemic to ask if I would be willing to make her a pied à terre in the Marais. An American who had fallen in love with France, she dreamed of being able to offer herself a refuge in Paris. In this particular health context, the urgency to live her dreams took precedence. The flat was bought from a distance and we worked together on the project by skype. It was a great way to escape from everyday life by defying the prohibitions, to meet around a project that offered us a beautiful escapade in the imagination. Miss Rose has that quiet determination that breaks down all obstacles; that confidence and emotional generosity that carries you along. She knew even before she bought the flat that I was going to make her nest and she accompanied us throughout the project with a patience and enthusiasm that made this adventure an exceptional moment
I think I might cry. Marianne Evennou making 16 m2 dreams a reality. (Photos: Grégory Timsit)

Two Arches Apartment in Ljubljana

Posted on Wed, 2 Nov 2022 by KiM

The client of an apartment renovation project holds a mini-competition and chooses Riba Architects’ solution, where no square metre goes to waste: there are enough rooms, no corridors – the space itself is breathing. We connect the street and courtyard sides to the living space and create a circular floor plan around the kitchen island to establish a sense of grandeur. We make sure the lines are long and elegant. While removing the roughcast surface, we get an unexpected gift: the rooms formerly connected by doors were actually divided only by two huge brick arches 100 years ago. The seals under the arches are removed, while the arches are cleaned and used as a basis for the overall design. At every step, we seek to enrich the ambience with unexpected details and colours: thermally treated wood is introduced, and a mirror in the bathroom pierces a peephole from an old front door while another mirror is given an imposing massive frame from the wing of the same front door. The retro white square tiles are complemented by the intense dark turquoise colour of the walls and the ceiling above. The wall by the kitchen island is the colour of the morning dawn and so are the velvet curtains in the bedroom. Top ceramic designer Bojana Ristevski from Studio Juha created unforgettable ‘tableware’ carrying the motif of dark blue grain. The ‘two arches’ apartment on Francetova Street is a modern classic. Everyone who visits it says: this is where I would live.
I would live there too! Those arches are absolutely incredible. And the glass walls with curtains in front are a brilliant solution for keeping the space bright and spacious whilst adding privacy when needed. No wonder Riba Architects won an award for this project. (Tableware photos: Maruša Maze. All others: Janez Marolt)