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Thinking of Ukraine

Posted on Fri, 3 Mar 2023 by midcenturyjo

“9J is a 45 square meter apartment in Odessa, located 300 meters from the beach. The apartment features a tiny area and only two windows on the one side. The task was to create a functional studio apartment that includes a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom as well as plenty of storage.”

Thinking of Ukraine. Celebrating Ukrainian design. 9J Apartment by Kyiv-based Artem Trigubchak.

Photography by Mikhail Loskutov

The interiors of this home express our clients’ sense of refinement, joy and restraint. The home is punctuated by idiosyncratic combinations of nuanced color, luminous finishes and earthy materials. The layering of an extensive architectural and decorative materials palette yields depth and interest to the rooms while imparting a common thread of honesty, artistry and nonchalant luxury.
Country living in a not-too-modern way. A gorgeous home by Katch Interiors. (Photos: Frank Frances)

The owners of this house in Cobham, Surrey turned to Vaughan Design & Development to rescue their ground floor from the 1990s. The revival added more personality with texture and colour to the large open spaces. Gone are the swags and tails, stained carpet and orange-toned wood. What has emerged is a beautiful family home, welcoming and warm.

When space is at a premium in places like Paris, I love seeing how designers and architects use their creativity to maximize space and create storage. This Paris apartment isn’t very small (124 m²) but the amount of storage in each room makes me very envious (having lived in old homes with either no closets or tiny ones for many years). Also love the all white backdrop for the fun pops of colour and the black corridor that adds some serious drama. Designed by l’Agence June. (Photos: BCDF studio)

Barcelona cool

Posted on Fri, 3 Feb 2023 by midcenturyjo

It’s not just how wonderfully cool this Barcelona apartment would be in the Spanish heat but how fabulously cool (as in awesome) it is.  White walls on white tiles, rooms that open and close, walls of books and a terrace that beckons just past the doors. Simplicity and authenticy. Monterols by interior designers Conti, Cert.

Photography by Salva López