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The prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition is ongoing for the 2019-2020 season and with over 100 categories the A’ Design Award & Competition is the worlds’ largest design competition. But it is not just an award. It is an indicator of quality and perfection in design, recognized worldwide, your design front and centre before design companies and professionals. Entries will be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and media members and the benefits to the winners are inspiring. The trophy, of course, an invitation to the gala night, a certificate of quality, inclusion in the prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition exhibition and the yearly ResultBook but even more importantly press, PR, introduction to industry professionals and companies and international exposure. Note: There is still time to get entries in for the late deadline. You can register here.

Today I thought I would share some of the top winners in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category (one of MANY categories that are included).

Dichroic Side Table by Lauren Rottet – Rottet Collection

Metatron Armchair by Kamil Taner

Slices Bookshelf by Alessandra Meacci

Sputnik Dining Table by Andre Teoman

Jojyan Chair by Arshad Ardalani

San Vitale Console Table by Julia Eliseeva

LOUVA DEUS Chaise longue by Marcio Sassine

Mirror Chair Chair with magnifying glass and planter by Guangcai Yin and Sha Yang

Crystal Tables by Rita Kettaneh

the frame Kitchen by Robert G-Wrkbnch

SERFA PLUS Armchair and footstool by Zanini de Zanine

Picasso Chaise Lounge by Gerardo Rios Altamirano

Project Tripod Table base by Pavel Volovov

Wing Shelving System by Estudio Parrado

 by Renats Kotlevs – Kanttari

Köllen Bookshelf Multifunctional shelf by Adrian Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch

Laguna Modular sofa by Elena Trevisan

A’ Design Award & Competition is organized and awarded annually and internationally in a wide range of categories – the one I featured above is just one of a very vast range. Every year, projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are awarded with the A’ Award. While realized projects find opportunities to get published, reach new markets and meet a wide range of buyers for their existing products, the organization also helps the creative minds and startups to meet with the business people to realize their product ideas. If you’d like to register for 2019-2020 you can still do so here.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with A’ Design Award & Competition

More new fall reads from Vendome Press

Posted on Sun, 6 Oct 2019 by KiM

I have two more books to share with you that Vendome press recently released. Again, I must say these are fantastic from start to finish and must-haves. And them to your Christmas list. You can thank me later.
First up is interior designer Tom Scheerer and More Decorating, with photos by Francesco Lagnese. After his first book the people said “give me more” and so here you have it 😉 This guy is BUSY, and this book features nothing but his own projects. And each one is full of life, drama, colour and expertly curated. (I added a few photos from some recent projects as a bonus, also photographed by Francesco). In Tom Scheerer’s second book, twenty of his latest projects are featured, including city houses and apartments in New York, Dallas, and Paris; summer houses in Florida, the Hamptons, and Maine; and tropical houses in Palm Beach, Antigua, and Abaco. Each project exudes a serenity and a sense of comfort and ease that derives from its perfect proportions combined with fresh, unpretentious beauty. It all seems completely effortless, belying the fierce intelligence and impeccable eye behind every decorating decision.

Next is one I was excited to get my hands on when I first heard about it, having been following photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna on Instagram since the inception of his first epic book Haute Bohemians. A Wandering Eye is eye candy from front to back… capturing the magical places Miguel has visited and without using an actual camera! Books helped him discover places both literally and figuratively, creating romantic visions of lands he wanted to visit, and he has gone on to document his peripatetic life with his camera, recording places as he feels they should be rather than as they are. In this irresistible volume, Flores-Vianna shares some 250 of his favorite images taken all over Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas—captured only with his smartphone—in the hope that viewers, seeing the world through his eyes, will learn to love these most wondrous of places as much as he does.


New fall reads from Vendome Press

Posted on Fri, 4 Oct 2019 by KiM

I had the absolute pleasure of getting my hands on copies of several books recently launched by Vendome Press. And let me warn you that each one is a must-have for your coffee table or strategically placed pile on a shelf or table somewhere. I’ll start with Beige Is Not A Color by designer Carlos Mota. I love that title and think he may have something there, which was then solidified once I got to the end of his book. It really shows how much impact and drama colour can have in a space. Bland is anathema to Carlos Mota. As he travels the world—from Lisbon to Tangier, India to Santo Domingo, New York to Paris—producing feature stories and ad campaigns for countless publications and companies, he exults in every spark of originality and creativity he sees. Fortunately for us, he not only documents his sightings with his camera but also collects images by a Who’s Who of interiors and architectural photographers. And in this volume, he has culled some 280 of his favorite images, all wholly different but all sharing one quality: the beauty of color, both literally and figuratively. There are interiors, table settings, fabric swatches, tiles, floral arrangements, sculptures, architectural ornamentation—whatever captures his discriminating eye. 

Next up is Inside Tangier by Italian interior designer Nicolò Castellini Baldissera (Photos: Guido Taroni). Honestly I really knew nothing about Tangier before reading this book, but WHOA these spaces really captivate and make you want to book a flight to this Moroccan city. Absolutely stunning homes featured in this must-have book. A white-walled city perched between Morocco and Europe, Tangier was long a haven for the literary and artistic avant-garde—and black sheep—of Europe and America. Now a new generation of residents are blending color, pattern, and taste to create an interior aesthetic all their own. Inside Tangier explores a selection of these exceptional properties and their eccentric inhabitants—from antiques dealer and collector Gordon Watson and interior designer Frank de Biasi to the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and antiques dealer Christopher Gibbs—providing rare insights into the sometimes bohemian, sometimes extravagant, but always stylish “Tangerine” lifestyle.

And the last book of this round (more to share soon) is Near & Far by textile designer Lisa Fine with photos by Miguel Flores-Vianna. It is a treasure trove of homes where colour and pattern and textures are abundant and make you rethink your need to de-clutter or paint your walls greige. Lisa Fine invites us into her homes in Dallas, New York, and Paris and takes us along as she visits the places and people who have been her greatest sources of inspiration. Among her favored treasures are the Mughal palaces and gardens of India, the 18th-century home of Carl Linnaeus in Sweden; the whitewashed retreat of interior designer John Stefanidis on Patmos, the idyllic country house and garden of London-based designer Penny Morrison, and the storied house in the Tangier Casbah belonging to collectors Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani.

Time is short. Have you entered the prestigious A’ Design Award and Competition? Once again we are sharing some of our favourites from  previous winners and more imnportantly how you can enter your own designs. With over 100 categories the A’ Design Award and Competition is the world’s largest design competition. But it is not just an award. It is an indicator of quality and perfection in design, recognized worldwide, your design front and centre before design companies and professionals. Entries will be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and media members (you can check out the methodology here) and the benefits to the winners are inspiring. The trophy, of course, an invitation to the gala night, a certificate of quality, inclusion in the prestigious A’ Design Award and Competition exhibition and the yearly ResultBook but even more importantly press, PR, introduction to industry professionals and companies and international exposure.

From the Good Industrial Design Award, to the Good Architecture Design Award. The Good Product Design Award to the Good Communication Design Award. The Good Service Design Award to the Good Fashion Design Award and so many more. Excited? Inspired? Ready to take on the best of the best design from around the world? The deadline for early submission is September 30 (yes that soon!) and results will be published on April 15. Of course we will be bringing you the results as well. You can find out exactly what A’Design Award and Competition is here and register here.

Bo Du Resort Hotel Design Commercial by Zhang Can – CSD Design Office

Sonata Housing Complex by Arkham Projects

OPEN 45 Credenza by Adam Friedman

Fogo Island Shed Hotel Dining Room by Todd Saunders

Reverse Sunclock Multifunctional Wall Lamp by ADD Architecture Studio

Niwa Outdoor Furniture by Robby Cantarutti and Partners

Yan’s House, Shenyang Residential by Tang Chung-Han

Quaint & Quirky Dessert House by Chaos Design Studio
TAETEA Tea Experience and Retail by Jie Liu

Goccia Container by Giuliano Ricciardi

Jiangshan Fishing Village Renovation by Mix Architecture
Grabowski House by Miguel Pinto Guimaraes

Kirin Wetland For Vanke Town Sales Office by Wang, Shaoqing

Eternity Modern and my new dream sofa

Posted on Wed, 4 Sep 2019 by KiM

A few months ago the folks at Eternity Modern emailed us about a blog feature. I had not heard of this company before so I took a look around their website and was delighted to know they are headquartered in Vancouver (Canadian eh!) and have an appreciation for some of the best classic mid-century designs. They carry sofas, lounge chairs, dining tables and chairs, sideboards, office chairs and more, of the designs of geniuses like Hans Wegner, Eero Saarinen, Le Corbusier, Finn Juhl, Warren Platner and many more. I was asked to review a product from their shop and I wasn’t sure what to choose at first, until I came across their version of the Noguchi Freeform sofa & ottoman. I have dreamt of owning a curved sofa for quite some time, and knew I would never come across one in the wild here in Ottawa, land of some of the most boring vintage furniture, so as soon as I spotted this sofa I was sold.

The 9 or so weeks I had to wait for my sofa to be made based on my fabric selection were the longest 9 weeks of my life. Selecting fabrics was a bit agonizing too – Eternity Modern has options for this piece of either bouclé wool, cashmere or velvet (or custom, using your own fabric!). They will send along fabric samples which is VERY handy to help with the decision making process. Given the amount of cats I have I knew velvet would be ideal for me (so easy to wipe the fur off!), but picking colours was tough. I was torn between rose mauve and ginger cider for the base and ottoman but after asking on Instagram it seemed the ginger cider was the winner. I then chose slate pebble for the back rest. That done I started thinking about furniture placement in my living room. This sofa is rather large – a little over 10 feet long. and it ranges in width from left to right to form the curve so it’s the perfect sofa to have at an angle. The ottoman is no slouch at almost 4 feet long.

I realized once it arrived that I would have to rearrange the entire room to fit it at the longer end as it really it quite large and needs a fair amount of space. The photo below shows an “aerial” view (me standing on a chair) so you can really get an idea of the curves. It is absolutely gorgeous.

And I have to say it’s really well made.The velvet is beautiful and I hope wears well over time. It is perhaps a bit more firm than I would prefer (I just noticed the site says “cushion softness customizable”) but I’m sure it will soften in time. I had a nap on it the other day and to be able to spread out with the cats around me was fabulous. 🙂

I am really happy with my purchase (keeping things real here – I received a discount on the sofa, it was not free of charge). The only issue that came out of this whole process was with the shipping. Perhaps my fault for insisting the sofa be delivered on the estimated day the shipping company had noted on their site as I had booked the day off work, but when only one guy showed up and could not get it off the truck, I climbed in, unwrapped some of the packaging and helped carry this beast (I think it weighs over 200 lbs) into my garage. I was so excited to finally have my Freeform sofa in my living room as I had sold my previous sofa right after purchasing this one, that I was willing to do anything to get this in my house!

I am in love. It really is the sofa of my dreams.

A couple of quick notes about Eternity Modern: the designs are all identical to the original, shipping is free over $1000, their prices are great and totally reasonable for the quality of their products, they have a large selection of really beautiful fabrics. And did I mention they have a Canadian site? That is key for me as I detest spending money on exchange rates, duty, handling, and all the other fees that mysteriously pop up when shopping internationally. They do have a US site and have warehouse and distribution centers throughout the world.

I took a few shots around the room to show what else I have going on in there since I really did have to rearrange everything to fit the sofa in. It was alot of fun to work it into the space and create a new, lighter zone in that end of the room. I’m still going to be fussing with the layout a bit and the accessories but this is what I had going on during photo shoot day.

My husband bought me this swing-arm lamp about 10 years ago off eBay from the Netherlands I think, and it has been in a box in storage waiting for the perfect spot all those years. When the sofa arrived I realized it matches  perfectly with the colour of the back rest. I’m so stoked to be able to finally use it!

My sister Jen was doing a tour of all the ice cream shops in the city she could find over the summer, and took this photo of my niece Adelina on one of their stops. She had eaten black ice cream and I had to have this photo blown up. I found a vintage frame in storage and for under $20 I have new art over my fireplace.

Where my last sofa was became the plant and book zone.

Across from the sofa I added some Panton chairs and a lucite table under my antique mirror (collage in the reflection that is hanging over the sofa was a new purchase for the space by Stephanie Clayton via Artfix Cultured Studios)