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Mid-century modern, an historic building in the Italian city of Vicenza and a bold use of colour. It’s a heady mix especially in the hands of interior architect Giacomo Totti. There is the dignity of the centuries old shell, the lightness of the furniture and the drama of colour all combining to create a fabulously chic apartment.

Pattern on pattern and a kaleidoscope of colour. Antiques and family hand me downs reloved. Books and flowers from the garden, pleated fabric lampshades, plenty of brown furniture and an army of floor rugs. The English do it so so well. Berkshire House by Vanrenen GW Designs.

Maison Louis-Hémon

Posted on Mon, 23 Aug 2021 by KiM

This modern renovation in Montréal by la Shed is a total winner winner chicken dinner in my book, partticularly because of the exceptional take on indoor/outdoor living.

In response to the redevelopment and expansion project of this lower unit of a duplex in Rosemont, the architects created a dwelling in continuity with the backyard where the spaces are organized in different levels in constant relationship with each other and with the outdoor gardens. In order to offer a warm character to the living rooms located on the ground floor and in the basement, the kitchen has been placed on the courtyard side, half-level between the two floors, playing the role of a link between the different levels. This new layout, a contemporary version of a split-level, allows the kitchen to be located at ground level and provide a direct link with the terrace. The fluidity between the levels is ensured thanks to a double height opening, offering a real decompartmentalization of the space. To materialize this link, wall furniture covering the three levels has been designed and becomes in turn sideboard, storage cabinets and TV cabinet. The staircase also contributes to openness and spatial harmony. One of the owners being a landscape architect, the landscaping took on particular importance in the project. With his collaboration, several distinct zones were created. Thus, the gardens seem to extend inwards through the rear windows, which open generously towards them, without sacrificing the privacy of its occupants.

Potter’s House

Posted on Tue, 17 Aug 2021 by KiM

I can’t begin to explain the serenity these photos bring me. A slice of heaven by Luciano Giubillei.

Crossing the modest threshold of Potter’s House, your eye is immediately drawn to the framed view of the garden, a palette of green that pulls you inward, through to the heart of the house. Imparting the feeling of a cloister, the garden is set around a central pool and enclosed on four sides, from one of which the unfinished architecture of the Esglesia Nova casts an overlooking eye. The planting combines a delicate array of gaura, stipa and centranthus alba, creating a soft palette against the more structural forms of the muehlenbeckia and pistacia. A personal project for Luciano, Potter’s House can be found on the island of Mallorca, nestled within the quiet village of Son Servera.  

Bathing beauty

Posted on Mon, 16 Aug 2021 by midcenturyjo

After surviving a fire and an unsympathetic renovation this Victorian terrace house has been gently and beautifully restored by Melbourne-based design firm Beatrix Rowe. A neutral colour palette, bespoke cabinetry and furniture, “floating” Calacatta marble benches in the kitchen and bathroom and custom arched doors all combine to create a zen like contemporary home. Speaking of bathrooms can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of that bathroom? Swoon!

Photography by Shannon McGrath