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Posted on Thu, 1 Dec 2011 by KiM

Think I can convince my husband that we need one of these suspended wood stoves in our third floor office/media room? Love the wood cart too!

via John Werich

Mountain Retreat

Posted on Wed, 30 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Like a cave, rock on rock with primordial forest and majestic mountains. Luxuriously monastic and elegant in its simplicity. Serene yet strong. Raw and masculine. Scree, rock and gravel. Warmth, shelter and style. High country with Lake Wakatipu as view. The Mountain Retreat, Central Otago, Queenstown by New Zealand architectural firm Fearon Hay. Edgy and awe-inspiring.


Posted on Tue, 22 Mar 2011 by midcenturyjo

Every so often an email lands in my inbox from perhaps the cruelest man I know. Chris from Welcome Beyond dangles dream designs in front of me and it is all I can do to stop myself from hocking everything I own, jumping a plane and escaping to the hand picked boutique vacation properties that litter the pages of their website. Chris has cruelly tempted me again with a Spanish beauty and oh the temptation! Alemanys 5…  “located in the core part of Girona’s medieval quarter, within the scope of the first wall and overlooking the Plaça de Sant Domènec, is the property Alemanys 5, whose original building dates from the Sixteenth Century. Its recent restoration integrates old and new, where sober and clean lines look for the enjoyment of essential elements such as space, light, shadow, fire, stone, water or silence.” Two apartments, “El Badiu” (The Veranda) and “El Jardí” (The Garden) designed by architect Anna Noguera. Thanks Chris for the link and double thanks for the extra photos. I’m packing as I type!

Reader request – stone fireplace

Posted on Thu, 25 Nov 2010 by KiM

Today’s reader request comes from Jennifer: “I am in need of some help with my large stone fire place! Our fire place is the focal point of a fairly large room. It is freestanding and it is field stone that has been painted white. The room has rough wood beams and trim that has also been painted white (by previous owners). I am trying to put the room together. I’d like to see some images of furnishings in rooms that have large stone fireplaces. (I am trying to figure out what kind of furniture will go best with it.)” Below is a mix of all sorts of stone fireplaces because I could not find enough with field stone and I figured why not take this opportunity to showcase all kinds of stone. IMHO, if it’s painted white I think you can pretty much go with anything. I vote for mid-century modern (see the Lili Abir Regen photo below), or a casual rustic vibe (like the Cdn H&H photo). Whatever you choose Jennifer, you’re lucky that you have a fireplace. I had one in my last house and sooooo miss it.

Aidlin Darling Design Joe Schmelzer
Jonny Valiant Eric Piasecki
House of Pictures Jordi Canosa
Jennifer Worts Emily Summers
Canadian House & Home Francesco Bittichesu

Lili Abir Regen
Agnes Bourne
House and Garden
Lake|Flato Architects
Robin Stubbert
AJS Design/s
Lori Dennis
jugendstil designs
New York Magazine
Tobi Tobin Design

Martin Gomez Arquitectos

Posted on Fri, 17 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

A stone headland rises to meet the sea and sand. Manmade crests waves of pampas grass. In Punta del Este, Uruguay Martin Gomez Arquitectos design beach houses that meet the environment and embrace it. It’s modern and it’s sexy. It’s hot and it’s too cool. Thanks to María for sharing these as yet unpublished shots. If you want to see more inspiring houses by the design studio lead by Argentinian architect Martin Gomez then click over to their tumblr… full of fabulous press tears and work. You’ll remember the Tree house from Elle Decoration.