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Penny round tiles

Posted on Sun, 23 Sep 2012 by KiM


On Friday I blogged one of my favourite types of tiles – the subway tile. Today I thought I’d share my next favourite tile – the penny round. This one is adorable, tiny and subtle yet can have high impact depending on the tile colour/grout colour and placement. It’s often used as bathroom flooring but I think it’s a fun option for a kitchen backsplash as well. I’d love to use this somehow in my next home.


Aldridge & Tanno Architects

Elizabeth Roberts Design

Hotel Saint Cecilia via Jackie Cardonio


Canadian House & Home


Sarah Richardson

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy


Carlyle Designs

David Mikhail Architects

Canadian House & Home

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Better Homes and Gardens

Subway tiles

Posted on Fri, 21 Sep 2012 by KiM

Stuart McIntyre

I love subway tiles. Always have, always will. Classic, inexpensive and graphic (and can be made even more graphic with contrasting grout colour). I thought I’d do a post today on what has to be my favourite type of tile. I have one another favourite that is a close second but I’ll save that for Sunday.

Light Locations



Rue Magazine




Jeff Andrews


Angus Fergusson

Dane Tashima


Mark Bolton

Hello House



Tim Street-Porter

Domus Nova


Arquitetura Paralela

Posted on Tue, 11 Sep 2012 by KiM

I stumbled across a cool Brazilian architecture and design firm while doing some random googling the other day. Debora Racy and Nicole Sztokfisz created Arquitetura Paralela in 2007 and believe that good architecture can happen regardless of budget constraints and space. These ladies know how to have fun and be creative. I LOVE the stripe of tile in the bathroom above. Freaking genius. (Sweet tiles in the kitchen below too).

Reader request – tiled floors

Posted on Thu, 29 Jul 2010 by KiM

I finally had a chance to get to a reader request, and this one comes from Kristin: “My husband and I have a basement to floor. Due to an intermittently angry washing machine, we need something waterproof. We have decided that tile is be the best option. Do you have inspiration photos of tiled floors? This is going to be our second family room, so the tile can’t look out of place with sofas and pillows and dog beds.” I sure do have some tiled floor photos for inspiration to get some ideas brewing. (On a side note, one of my favourite durable flooring choices that I hope to be able to use in the basement of the addition my husband (teeheehee) and I want to put on our house is coin pattern rubber flooring like this).

***Larry, Kristen’s husband, created a poll to see which floor our readers like best – so vote HERE!

Heidi Lerkenfeldt Eric Roth
InsideHomePage Apartment Therapy
Nicolas Mathéus Marie Claire Italy
Frank Features GP

Shoot Factory
Marie Claire Italy
Söderberg Agentur
Rachael Smith
McInturff Architects
Gunklemans Interior Design
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Elle Decor
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Ideal Home
Todd Yoggy

Extreme penny tiles

Posted on Fri, 16 Jul 2010 by KiM

Mina of the blog La Résidence! wanted to share with us her newly renovated white penny tile bathroom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much penny tile in my life…and I freaking LOVE it! I cannot wait to get my hands on some when I get to redo one of my bathrooms. Anyhoo, they were so clever with space planning – with alot of plumbing going on in the walls they hid it all by building a shower bench, which has all the plumbing running above and below it. They also built 3 niches to store all sorts of bathroom necessities like towels and shampoo, and a ‘shower tower’ which had to double as a water barrier since they did not want to add a shower curtain or glass door. It’s fantastic. Kudos Mina for all the hard work that went into this FAB bathroom!


And a couple before photos…