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I am curious… if you purchased a very old home with loads of character, complete with peeling wallpaper, peeling paint, original doors and windows etc…..how much would you want to keep vs salvage and live with? Kudos to the owners of this home in Pau, France (Lisa and Julien Ménard and their 5 kids) for maintaining much of the period details. Stripping it of its history would have been cruel. (Via The Socialite Family, photos by Eve Campestrini)

I love the classic, vintage and timeless feels of this Greenville, South Carolina home designed by Taylor Hill. Playing with the balance of new, old, eclectic and traditional was the name of the game with this project. As a new construction residence in the heart of a historic Greenville neighborhood, the client wanted to be sure their home maintained a cohesive look and feel to its surroundings. We carried this theme from the exterior and throughout the house by blending vibrant textiles and wallpaper, heirloom antiques, contemporary art, and thoughtful architectural details to create a dynamic aesthetic.

(In collaboration with Virginia Lane + Associates, Meadors Inc., and Barron Residential)

A 17th century Georgian mansion in England

Posted on Sun, 4 Apr 2021 by KiM

Sundays are for lounging and dreaming. Perhaps dreaming of a faraway land where 17th century Grade I Georgian mansions prevail, in this case in the Suffolk countryside surrounded by an orangery, gardens, woodland, pool and pond, and are filled with treasures. I could dream all day long about how much potential this wonderous home has….. Location home available through Shoot Factory.

This Northern California estate looks like from the outside it may have been transported from Mexico? South of France? Portugal? and once you walk inside you’re then whisked away to a castle in England? a Caribbean villa? Whatever this is it’s exquisitely eclectic and overflowing with personality. Another project designed by Studio Shamshiri (styled by Michael Reynolds).

Photos: Stephen Kent Johnson

Ready for Easter without even trying

Posted on Thu, 18 Mar 2021 by KiM

When you have absolutely nothing to do to prepare for Easter decorations… This gorgeous historic stone home in the Poconos designed by SCW Interiors has bunnies scattered among the decor and has a distinctive Easter colour palette. Rustic and traditional feels with some modern patterns added in here and there to keep it fresh.