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A home with antiques and vintage finds

Posted on Tue, 20 Dec 2016 by KiM

I adore this home featured in Nuevo Estilo. When each piece has a history and tells a story, when they all come together in a beautifully and thoughtfully curated way that I just want to melt into each space. I would love to know what stories the chesterfield above could tell….

Birdie Farm

Posted on Mon, 24 Oct 2016 by KiM

I came across the Instagram account of Lucy Rose of the blog Birdie Farm recently and was instantly taken with how absolutely homey, cozy and gorgeous her home is. She creates the most beautiful vignettes with a distinctive rustic tone, which works perfectly in her rustic Colorado home. Now if she were a bit more south I’d be banging down her door begging to move in! Go give her a follow if you aren’t already, and prepare yourself to fall in love. 

Bachelor Pad – Base Camp

Posted on Thu, 20 Oct 2016 by KiM

DeWayne Lumpkin‘s design projects always brighten up my day. Quirky, eclectic and totally fun are how I would describe his spaces. This latest project of his is all that and brought a smile to my face. After reading the description I can see why the homeowner is thrilled to bits. (Photos: Nikita Konetski. Previous features here and here)

A non-descript two story home was transformed into a Bachelor Pad – Base Camp for a young, single brickmason. The owner earns his living laying brick and spends his off-time riding his bicycle & rafting the mighty Rogue River in Grants Pass, Oregon. He bought the home as an investment after years of “camping out” in a small house with little furniture and zero style. His goal is to rent the extra bedrooms through airbnb.comand serve as a wilderness guide to his guests with bicycling tours of southern Oregon & rafting trips down the Rogue River. His passions for biking & rafting were a jumping off point for the downstairs designs with a uni-cycle, tri-cycle & folding (flying) bi-cycle taking center stage in the entry & living areas.

The kitchen has two stoves for the morning crush of prepping for guests & hitting the road – animals in winter sweaters play off the “old lady” hanging plates (these came from West Elm). A trio of vintage tomato baskets were morphed into light fixtures above the center island.

The black & white dining room seats up to 10 guests with multiple shooting targets & route numbers from British double-decker buses framed around the room. 

The living room centers on a mixed media assemblage by San Francisco artist Timothy Weldon, positioned over a leather sofa (one of the few possessions the bachelor/owner brought to the new home). The double height wall above the living room contains a “Juliette balcony” that is flanked by faux mounts constructed from bicycle seats & handles. A cylinder vase is filled with empty shot casings and the side tables are tea crates with cast iron stove feet added for height & style. An antique parlor set – empire furniture has a modernity about it because of the large scale & clean lines – partners well with existing leather sofa & love seat.

The downstairs bedroom doubles as the owners office with a wall-sized mural & antique oak desk. Vintage tourist paintings of the Rogue River wrap the room with industrial lamps on bedside tables and oars mounted on rusty corrugated metal above the bed.

 Upstairs bedrooms include a “Patriot’s Room”, a “Bunk Room” with beds for four guests and a TV room with convertible sofa bed for additional guests as needed.

I spotted the south of France home of New York designer Annie Moore at Nuevo Estilo and instantly fell completely in love. I could barely get past the first photo above because having a little potting shed is something I desperately want and this space is absolutely gorgeous. Then when I was finally able to move along, the beautiful architectural details with some rustic elements and an eclectic blend of classic furnishings with a nod towards retro (gawd how I love white marble Saarinen dining tables) did me in. (If you’re wondering why furniture changes slightly in some photos from others, I found some of these @ Marie Claire Maison)

Stack of books

Posted on Tue, 13 Sep 2016 by KiM

What do you do when you have a ton of books and no bookshelves? STACK ‘EM UP! Great idea and looks pretty fab, but only if you don’t plan on reading any side from the top few. 🙂 Via a real estate listing in Sweden on Lagerlings. And because this apartment has a rustic vintage vibe I really dig, here are a few extra photos.