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Busy weekend

Posted on Sun, 9 Sep 2012 by KiM

I spent the day yesterday shopping with my family in Montreal for some fall clothes (perfect timing as it’s been HOT for 3 months and I woke up this morning to a drop by about 20 degrees C), so I didn’t have much time to get something ready for today, and I’ve got a busy day too shooting my new purchases for themourningcloak.com and another personal house tour from the Glebe House Tour which is coming up next weekend. While I wait for my husband to finish watching Formula 1 so he can shave my head (only the bottom half 🙂 ) and we can go get some breakfast, I managed to find some gorgeous photos courtesy of British lifestyle magazine Heart Home.


Posted on Fri, 31 Aug 2012 by KiM

Thank gawd it’s Friday, mostly because it’s a warm and sunny 3 day weekend but also because this has not been a very good week (I’m a mess physically, with allergies, back problems that had me home from work yesterday so I could attend my first physio appointment, and now thanks to all this I’ve got a freaking throbbing headache). I thought I’d keep things simple today with photos from Quarto & Sala, the site I like to call the Brazilian Selby. I love peeking into the homes of normal folks…there’s no over-decorating or over-styling here.

More from Inga Powilleit

Posted on Wed, 22 Aug 2012 by KiM

I didn’t quite get my fill of the mesmerizing photography of Inga Powilleit the other day, so I thought an encore would be a great treat on a Wednesday. Eye candy at it’s finest.

Yes please Joséphine!

Posted on Tue, 21 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

Rustic barn meets exuberance and style. Quirky meets practicality. Concrete and chandeliers, modern art and aged oak beams. A barn conversion in Burgundy by Joséphine Gintzburger is pastoral perfection. It’s rough luxe and bucolic drama and all the modern comforts. A weekend retreat to be shared with family and friends.

You will remember Steve and Helena Trupp from this post featuring their Sydney apartment. Things have moved on in the last few years. Steve (runner up on Australia’s Top Design) and Helena have moved to Melbourne, decorated a whole new home, grown their online business Empirical Style (their cage lights are to die for) and… “ta-da”… opened a pop up shop within The Industrial Revolution, 1114 High St, Armadale. Their retro, “can never have too much, too bright, really quirky, life’s too short for beige” aesthetic is a favourite of many DTI readers and you can follow their design journey and inspirations on the Empirical Style blog.

When Helena emailed me to torture me with the news let me know of the pop up retail space I was salivating. (I’m 2000 km away. What I wouldn’t give to stand transfixed by all those vintage maps and science posters in the flesh. I’d love the wall map of Queensland but my husband just quipped that he’d have the map of Tasmania…. bad boy!) I begged Helena for shots of the shop and their new home as the secondbest thing to being there. You know I could easily move into the Trupp’s spare room and stay forever but failing that maybe I could live in the shop… or at least follow their adventures on their blog.

More shots of the Trupp home and their pop up shop after the jump.Thanks Helena!