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Reader’s home

Posted on Tue, 9 Feb 2010 by KiM

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live in a converted loft (and this desire has grown in the past 2 years since living in a 12′ wide home). What a pleasure to find an email in my inbox from Peter Wagner of Germany who wanted to share his loft with our readers. It is located in an old factory and in one year Peter converted the space HIMSELF into a spacious and cosy home that I am utterly envious of. Here are a couple before photos that show how much work he took on:

And now photos of the newly renovated space that he did such a wonderful job with. I especially love his use of Ikea storage units throughout. (Photos by the talented Michael Berger).


Posted on Tue, 2 Feb 2010 by KiM

David Spence, Graham Harris and Neil Hogan form the London-based firm SHH that dabbles in architecture, interior design and branding. They are multi-disciplinary in every sense – including their style. Whether it be rooms bathed in white (my fav of their portfolio), traditional or funky and a bit out-there, they just seem to have alot of fun and enjoy what they do. (And I crave a massive media room like the one in photo 10).

More black and white (and grey and lavender)

Posted on Tue, 19 Jan 2010 by KiM

The other day a reader named Bo sent us this link to a black and white home on a Swedish real estate site. I thought it was a cool pad, but then while perusing the site I came across this home that really got me going. I LOVE the location, the open layout, the fresh colour scheme, the whitewashed wide plank hardwood, the grey trim, the black Smeg, the viewwwwww…….(thx Bo!)

Branching out

Posted on Thu, 7 Jan 2010 by KiM

A reader named Sarah emailed us recently asking that we branch out and post some non-US and non-Swedish content. I said no problem – but considering neither Jo nor I are American or Swedish, we don’t go out specifically looking for content from those countries. That just seems to be what we happen upon on our random Google searches when looking for blog content. So when I asked Sarah if she knew of any sites we could refer to for the blog she suggested a site from Israel, bvd.co.il. I found tons of blog-worthy content (although I unfortuntely don’t know Hebrew) so thank you Sarah! One home that was featured on the site really caught my eye. Turns out it has a bit of a Swedish/Scandinavian country vibe to it. LOL. It’s SOOO pretty and is perfect decor for the cottage I wished I owned. White walls, gorgeous hardwood floors, big white squishy couches, small touches of pale colours…what’s not to love? (Forget the interior…I was sold on the palm tree out front. We don’t get those up here).



Nathalie Vingot Mei

Posted on Thu, 28 May 2009 by KiM

Nathalie Vingot Mei is an interior designer from la belle Provence who wrote us recently to say she’s a fan of the blog….and now I’m a fan of her work. Her work has been featured in Art et décoration, Marie Claire Maison and Côté sud. One word – SERENITY. Inviting spaces bathed in white and creams, with pale accent colours and lots of textures in fabrics, all with a very raw quality. C’est merveilleux et je suis vraiment contente qu’elle nous a envoyé un courriel. 🙂