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Attic apartment

Posted on Tue, 14 Aug 2012 by KiM

I adore this apartment. Designed by b-arch (Jo blogged this firm recently here and here), this was formerly the attic and kitchen spaces of an eighteenth-century building renovated to make an open-space loft. I love the stairs (although not to code by Canadian standards), the flat file cabinet, the globe collection, the huge sign in the kitchen, the LIGHT BLUE SMEG!!!, colourful tomato cans, Jielde light fixture (I have 2 of those!), huge vintage map as a headboard. And then there’s all the white…and those floors….

Briggs Edward Solomon

Posted on Tue, 14 Aug 2012 by midcenturyjo

Elegant, uncluttered, luxurious and deceptively simple. A limited palette of colour and a limitless wealth of talent. Distilled form and layers of texture, old married to new and always luxury, simple almost unadorned beauty. Welcome to the portfolio of Briggs Edward Solomon.

















Posted on Sun, 12 Aug 2012 by KiM

It is really heartbreaking to know that my 2 weeks off work (the day job that is) has come to an end. Aside from my short 4-day trip to Las Vegas, I didn’t really do much and frankly, that was just what I needed. Time to read a book, watch some TV, organize and clean around the house, cuddle with the cats, have time to chill with my husband, and not rush blog tasks. This is what I call HEAVEN. And it’s OVER. I need a little pick-me-up today, in the form of a peaceful, serene, calm home. A particular location home I found on 1st Option will do the trick. (P.S. My husband and I spent yesterday downtown in the Byward Market, and quite randomly ended up buying a sofa that we both fell in love with. I snapped a quick photo which will be up on my page along with other bits and bobs we saw later today).

Stalking on a Saturday

Posted on Sat, 21 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

In bed with a bad cold. Great way to spend the weekend…. actually it is a great way to spend the weekend. Sleep, hot cups of tea and ignoring the chores. So I’m being lazy and posting a stalking piece. Mind you it is a wonderful early 70s house by Robin Boyd brought sympathetically into the 21st century. Link here while it lasts. Dear hubby could you make me a hot whiskey? I’m sure it would work a treat on this cold.

… and oh the view!

Posted on Mon, 9 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

On and on forever. Blue sea melts into blue sky. The perfect backdrop for this small but casually elegant seaside cottage at Palm Beach north of Sydney I recently found real estate stalking. As lovely as the home is, it is the deck and that view that just might clinch the deal for any prospective buyer. If they need a little more convincing then the stone wine cellar and bathroom are definitely a talking point. By no means large it is big on style and long on lingering drinking in that view. Imagine lying cosy in your bed and watching a storm roll in. Link here while it lasts.